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  1. a dc++ 705 setting

    Oh, ok. Thx for reply.
  2. a dc++ 705 setting

    Would you please put back into the Settings\Advanced\ "Keep duplicate files in your file list", please??? I'm stuck now on the plain jane DC++ version with many options gone just to have that particular setting. It helps out with multi-disc dvd shows that use/reuse the same IFOs and BUPs and other menu files that are the same TTH hash among all discs. Without it the show is incomplete and one has to manually force the client to d/l and copy/paste the needed files. Even StrongDC is missing that setting now. Please reconsider including that setting. I know from experience when I d/led the Rush Union of The Snake DVD and failed the md5sums due to missing files. I had much trouble and never could figure out why until a troubleshooting problem of exact same errors came up in one of the hubs I'm in tonight. That was from the missing setting plus unticking "Don't d/l files already in share" in Settings\"Queue". The client I used never d/led into respective folders the same TTH hashed files. I miss Apex 1.01 now BTW thanks for including the media player tool-bar. Awesome!