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  1. Leidiges Thema Gerechte Verteilung

    ich bin der meinung das sollte so wie bei soulseek sein, also dass man selbst entscheided wer gerade runterlädt und das man siehr wer was queued.
  2. TTH

    Sup apex, first of all i like this alternate of dc++ alot. There is a question i have about TTH. I'm regged on two hubs. In the first hub i don't have any problems with searching or downloading. In the sencond hub i got this message here when i try to get a file list: Remote Client does not fully support TTH - cannot download here is a screenshot: When i try to search in this hub nothing happens. So i downloaded dc++ 0.674 and it works, on the same ports, hub and with the same username. Any Ideas? Everything is ok with my connection. Both ports are open. thx people