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  1. tth inconsistancy

    For months I have been using apex dc with no problems, suddenly yesterday I started getting tth inconsistency. I followed the suggestion of rehashing, but between my dsl dropping connection several times a day and the remote user closing the connection several times a day it would not be feasible for me to have to spend an hour rehashing files several times daily. Are there any other suggestions? TIA
  2. User Accessing Folder other than designated share folder

    Thanks so much for the replies and clarification.
  3. User Accessing Folder other than designated share folder

    Even if segmenting is disabled in the client? This was an audiobook with say 24 parts or mp3's. The parts that the other person was downloading had already completed with say 16 more parts in que. Thanks
  4. Situation: My download folder: Folder x My share Folder: Folder y I was downloading files to Folder x, during that time a user started down loading the same files from me from Folder x (even though the file was not in my share folder - Folder y). This concerned me, but I thought maybe there was some mechanism that since we were getting the same files that the 2nd downloader could access the files from me. In the meantime the original person I was downloading from disconnected and the person that was somehow downloading from My Folder x finished the file they downloading and they disappeared from my screen. A few minutes ago they reappeared and started downloading again from my download folder (I was still not connected to the original person that I was downloading the file from). How is this possible? If the the remainder of the files are listed in my download que is someone able to connect to the folder where they are directed. This really concerns me, so closed the client until I can get more info on this. Thanks for any help.