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  1. ApexDC++ Logo

    vector source of present ApexDC logo for XaraX made by me
  2. Userlist icons

    see here ;)
  3. Apex theme

    Theme include: Colors and Fonts settings (apex_theme.dctheme file) User icons (apex_theme_users.bmp) Normal Toolbar (apex_toolbar_24.bmp) Highlight Toolbar (apex_toolbar_24-highlight.bmp) Screenshots "How to setup" (setup_step_*.png) Screenshot: Description of users icons: All graphics made by me :)
  4. Away mode notification

    may be change icon? user online - user away - where i can get descriptions of user icons?
  5. New Pm Icon (Tray)

    realy? :shifty: :P
  6. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    RadoX-ApexDC-Toolbar2-26-high.bmp and RadoX-ApexDC-Toolbar2-32-high.bmp these files are the same Then may be it's better to specify the place of origin and the author of the icons.
  7. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    may be it's better to draw your own icons :rolleyes:
  8. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    it's impossible, because layers of icons without transparansy (with white border). 1. get .png file (or any other with transparancy!): 2. open in photoshop: 3. click with CTRL on layer with image: 4. select channels tab: and make new channel: and select: 5. inverse selected area: 6. take a black pencil (not brush!) and paint the area for one click: congratulations! you did alpha channel! How save file: menu File\Save as...
  9. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    yes, now i'm changing the size of icons to 24x24 pixels... :crying: where customise page? :ermm:
  10. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    use alpha channel!
  11. New PM icon

    yes, but for system tray icon can be used only .ico and my gif only for example and discussion.
  12. New PM icon

    change logo to logo is not good idea my version:
  13. The Russian version will be?

    GURU, you can download translate by ToH for SDC++ and you use it without problems ^_^
  14. ApexDC++ revealed!

    i think 1=2 it will look better
  15. ApexDC++ revealed!

    how will it look like in 32x32 or 48x48 pixels? will you make new icons or leave the old ones in StrongDC?