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  1. 1.2 Development Update

    ** interested in testing/bugfixing any linux clients, prefer gtk over qt but nm, i have to install qt4 stuff on this pc, atm i can only test on gentoo linux gcc profiles : pentium3 & athlon-xp (64 bit's psu dead atm) ps i allready took the source from nc's website a few days ago and synced against the cvs, btw the cvsview seems to be off (cant see commits/etc)? or is there a new link / svn/cvs/bzr ?
  2. Linux Project Development

    i notice this makefile hasnt been added to the source code on your server neither work for me make: *** No rule to make target `Server/queuemanagerinterface.cpp', needed by `queuemanagerinterface.o'. Stop. (^- from the src from ya server with the makefile added) is there a new location for the linux src please ?? ps think the dc++ core was compilable years ago, i swear i had it compile for me once, theres also other clients u cud look at for code help ie nanodc microdc microdc2 gtkdc think a few of them use the original core from ++.