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  1. Non-Enlish Characters not supported?

    means that i've found the solution (it's the czech characters thing :thumbsup: )
  2. Non-Enlish Characters not supported?

  3. Keine Umlaute möglich?

    Danke, hat geholfen! :thumbsup:
  4. hey there! i changed my client some days ago to apex and found out that the german characters ä, ö and ü are not shown in chat as i wrote them. i know in english i could write ae, oe and ue but i am in some hubs where i have to write informations in german and so it is an annoying thing if you know what i mean hope, somehone can help me
  5. Keine Umlaute möglich?

    Hallo alle zusammen! Bin vor kurzem vom normalen DC++ Client (V. 0.705) auf ApexDC++ umgestiegen. Jetzt mu