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  1. upgrading

    why when a new client comes are we told everything is okay, then when a newer one comes out, we are told that the other client has a serious bug, it's funny how they all seem to have serious bugs. No other client does this. I'm sorry, but I'm not convinced. there was one time when i didn't have to upgrade the client i was using, but now it's back to not allowing me to use the client i have.
  2. my feature requests

    Thanks very much for your response. If you can implement even my last suggestion in a future release, I'd be very grateful.
  3. my feature requests

    1. Display Bitrates when searching for audio files completed. So I search for some album. I find that more than one user has it. It would be nice if i could see which user has the tracks at 128, and which at 256 or whatever. 2. the option to respond to a user even when they have gone offline. "I've had situations,where users have posted a message to me, But I can't post back because they have gone offline. It would be nice if you could respond even when they are offline. 3.reload last hubs open on startup. Yes, Dc has the option to open particular hubs on startup. BUt maybe you don't like to have the same hubs open all the time. Perhaps you close some of the hubs, and open others, or even just add some extra ones. Maybe the hubs you have open before closing are the ones you want open the next time you run the program. of course you have the option to tick those hubs before closing. But my method would be simpler for the user, if not for the programmer M
  4. crashing

    Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2008-10-31 22:32:47 TTH: IBTLFZHOTHYQSC46V3GSAMJAJAP5AQLWX2YVKVY 0x00096210: ?
  5. wtf ?

    and that folks is Toast when he's being polite Thanks for the tip, Toast. I do confess, that my arse can't read. I generally use my eyes. Well now that i've read the changelog, I can see the reason for the forced upgrade. Still, now that those security issues have been resolved, there shouldn't be any need for another one, should there ? M
  6. wtf ?

    I got the same message, but at the moment have decided not to upgrade ie I have decided to stop using Apex. ie I'm fed up not being able to decide for myself whether or not, I can use a particular version. What kind of security risk is it supposed to be. M
  7. no shares shown

    Oh is that not the version that's out now? M
  8. what's this awful bug

    I was hoping for a more detailed answer. Does it (1) trigger off a nucleur bomb (2) make me say things like "hey, jean Claude van Damme was quite a good actor really" (3) make the hair of everyone using the Beta version fall out. providing they have hair of course The world needs to know. M
  9. what's this awful bug

    So what's this awful bug that you are so concerned about, that you won't even give users the choice whether or not, they want to upgrade. M
  10. no shares shown

    Okay, checked out how to upgrade, downloaded setup.exe file. installed files to same folder as previous version. Instead of overwriting exe file and pdb, new apex folder was created within the version 5 folder ie as a sub folder , copied exe and pdb file to main folder overwriting version 5 exe and pdb files. Program ran. but settings show as having no shares. Now perhaps I did something wrong or you warn people that upgrading will cause users to lose their share settings. Either way it would be nice if you gave some notice on the "how to upgrade" page. Luckily, I use many dc clients and by copying over hash files from peerweb, I won't at least have to rehash files already hashed by peerweb. But i still have to reindicate what I'm sharing. M
  11. What do you download?

    oh.lots of things. All of which is of course in the public domain M
  12. download later

    prayed to you today. did you get it ? M
  13. Hi Aztek. I think I understand now. You seem to have two complaints (1) You don't wan't anyone having more than one connection to you. I think that's fair enough. Personally I think if the person who has two connections to you, had any manners, they would disconnect one of the connections providing they knew how to do it, and noticed it. I've been on both ends. I have had the same person have two connections to me, and I've had two connections to the same person. In the first case, it doesn't bother me. In the second case I will try to disconnect one of the connections. If that doesn't work, I'll pm the person and let them know that I've tried to disconnect, but it's not working. Hey sometimes they're not bothered either. (2) People are downloading stuff from you before you are ready to share it. I'm not sure how that's possible unless you tick "share downloads instantly" or however it's worded. I did get the impression that you weren't sharing anything at all. But this isn't the case, is it? M
  14. download later

    Ok, Thanks. I'm not sure if i still wouldn't prefer a download later option. Anyway I asked, and ye won't get an answer unless you ask M