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  1. How to disable version check

    Hi i use old apex dc 1.1.0 and i dont want to change it because it is compiled for me with some additional tools. Now every time i start apex he connects to internet and ask for me to download new version. I cant use new version. I use apex dc in my lan and wlan. Is there any way to disable version check because i cant find option to disable it. There is only one option but doesnot help. That option says that apex should not report new version????
  2. Can anyone compile that, because i dont have VC or anyuthing to compile that. I m not good at programing and i just want to use apexdc on my lan. For few month i m asking for animated tray icon on MC message receive, and i m waiting for someone to make it. Pls can someone compile this, i know that many people would find this useful.
  3. can you explane what to with this? where to apply thios patch, how ? Im asking for few month to someone make this pls help
  4. Autojoin chatroom

    ok i can do that, but i found out something new with +join and +leave so someone can enters that room if he want to chat, but i dont know how to make that command in YNhub. +join works only if i m allready in that room, what do i need to enter in mainchat to enter some room +join testroom doesnot working.
  5. Autojoin chatroom

    I did that i selected AJ for the all profiles (for example) but it doesnot work, i can only enter in that room when i send her a PM, and then all users automaticly enters that room.Or if someone is writing something in that room i enter automaticly.
  6. Autojoin chatroom

    As you can see i write something in Windows Client Feature Requests and it is all about animated tray icon or receiving any king of signal so we can know that is message received. So i created on YN hub autojoin chatroom and when i enter that hub with apexdc i then send PM to that room and all useres receive that message and we can start chat then in that room and when we minimize apex we receive popup notification and animated tray icon. How can i make every time someone joins to the hub automaticly enters that room. As i can see every time someone send PM to that room or that room send to the user some kind of feed or PM, that user enters that chat of that room and can chat with everyone who is in that room. I need to send some raw commands from the Apex client to that room every time someone start apex, automaticly.Or i need to send from YN hub PM to user who is connecting right now, but from that room, just when i set receive feed for that room on every time someone is login on hubpls help, i did not sleep for 3 days solving this, and i dont know what to do any more i need to ask here.sorry for my eng.
  7. Upgrade chat

    Is there any way to add animated tray icon on message received on main chat window, because on this way we dont know is there any conversation on the main chat.Only way to solve this is to create another chatroom and then all userm must enter that room to get popup notification on message received. To make this software perfect, and realy usable on the LAN, and to make it only software that you need to use in your lan you need to improve chat. Also need to have beep option(for pc speaker) send to some user notification. And need to have direct file sending. Somebody will say you are missing the concept about apexdc, but i just want to say that we all need better LAN software for chat, sending and charing files. Now we have to use 2 or more programs. We used Borgchat, commfort, and apexdc, and now we need to use just apex because of faking nicknames on the borgchat or commfort. In apex and YNhu we can add password top each nickname.All of this is great but we just dont see when is someone is active on main chat, we cant look all the time in main chat, pls help.