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  1. File creation date attribute in filelists

    I just had another thought on this in light of what you say above. If there was a facility to keep the users filelist (like say class them as a 'seed' user), all you would neet to do is download the latest filelist and carry out a compare between the two. This would produce an exception list for you. You could then select from the exception list and this would then be kept as the seed users list for the next compare. another 2p worth
  2. File creation date attribute in filelists

    Hmmm... Did the thread go off topic? The original question related to the creation date of a file. This is part of the files meta data but will not neccesarily carry over with the file. i.e. If I download a file from anothjer user I'm not guaranteed to show the same date of creation as part of the files meta data (look yourselves at the properties of files you have downloaded). Therefore, a bot would not be able to read an original creation date. Or have I missed the point? My 2p Toecutter
  3. I'll tell you what I REALLY want

    Yep, I know that. I have a shortcut to the system log on my desktop. However, It means I have to minimise, open, scroll to the bottom. On my previous client I just clicked the tab and had a look. Much simpler.
  4. I just SO miss not having a System Log tab. It's incredibly usefull. Please add one :-)