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  1. Inkorp's Proposal

    @ Lee: Yeah it was about 15mins in total so it was still a rough job, the only difference between the two versions is the 2 added reflections on the bottom one, it may look more different as I added the darker bits randomly to show how it may look on a different background. @ Greg: It may have unwittingly been in the initial design as it was made at a small size so to spot it may've been a mission, plus when I handed the png over to KP I think it may've been exported to a shape in a psd file (or I may have done it, my memory evades me) I'd still like to hear some more opinions and suggestions from all concerned regarding what they'd like to see happen, whether it's just to fix the original vector or go with a whole new re-do with any extra effects etc. Any comments on the font? I think the current logo's font is a little bit boring and unimaginative.
  2. Inkorp's Proposal

    Lately I've noticed a few flaws on the vector side of the current logo, it's not apparent at small sizes but at larger sizes the jump from the round bottom to the sharp apex at the top is quite jarring. Here I've started off with a bigger shape etc and eliminated most of that problem, it's still not 100% up to my standard as it was a quick knock up but if you guys like it I can make a perfectly shaped/aligned one and hand it over to you guys to use what you see below or any modification thereof including font/effects etc. (bearing in mind it will be in Fireworks PNG format ) Pardon the ****ty jpeg render, I can't be bothered uploading another
  3. IPB 2.1.5 and Update

  4. KP's Semi-Dark DC Theme

    I'd try it but I'm pretty stoked with mine atm :)
  5. Auto File List Getting

    How about an option to automatically get the file list of selected users with obvious measures to stop people spamming etc.
  6. Users Local Time

    How about a new column in the nick-list with the users local time? I had another idea but I forgot, I'll update when I remember
  7. PeerWeb and neXTPeer websites down

    They're on the same server and the server went down for scheduled maintenance a few days ago and various happenings have occured but as far as I'm aware it's a HDD issue but you'll find more info on
  8. Why do you prefer Direct Connect?

    It's community based Files are more trustworthy in a private hub, you can't get any more verified then someone actually using it. You get a lot of support for what you're downloading Generally you don't have to worry about waiting for sources You occasionally get users with lots of rare files I could go on DC's definitely in my top 2 for protocols.
  9. More customizable sounds

    I think trying to find a sound that would please everyone would be a mission and to an extent pointless when most users either don't use them or have found/made their own. I think the sounds setup that PeerWebDC++ is as good as it needs to be.
  10. Skins

    What about a 'Download Center' to pick up visual upgrades and plug-ins, stuff like that foobar dll I've heard people nagging about and any other stuff like that and just have the default stuff in the exe? that way you'd reduce the filesize of the original download.
  11. Welcome to ApexDC++

    I've already blamed it on the heat :)
  12. download pause

    Download Queue Tab: Right click on the item or folder and click 'Select Priority' and you'll find 'Paused' in there :D
  13. Welcome to ApexDC++

    Forum Skin: Sexy hot, well done KP, keep up the good sexiness
  14. TAB Close

    Middle-Click or 'Scroll Wheel-Click' closes it in PeerWebDC++, I'm not sure whether it's a StrongDC feature or not though
  15. Skins

    As far as I know that's already possible (to some extent) in the last version of PeerWebDC++ so it'd be natural to assume ApexDC++ would have that ability but I wouldn't know :D