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  1. Popup for favorite hubs

    Seems to be simple feature: to icon (star) that opens new window with favorite hubs add arrow that opens list of hubs. When clicked, favorite hub is opened. It's well known feature from windows interface, i just don't know, how exactly it's called . I think image example helps a lot:
  2. Preferred users/hubs

    The idea is to allow some users (or all users in selected hub(s)) to download from you, even when your regular upload slots are full. Some ways how to realize this feature: 1) Similar to ignored user but opposite - using regexp you select group of users, who will get auto extraslot from you (similar to selected users in friend list). Number of those extraslots at time could be limited (for case user sets some dummy regexp and it would open like milion slots then), but limitation is not absolutely necessary. 2) Preferred hubs - for hubs in favorites you can set number special slots (for each hub), which are available just for users of theese favorite hubs. This realization is similar to other feature in other thread, but i think this version could by more useful and less leecher-like. Like in 1), this could work also without limited slots, just like prefferred hub users will ever gen an auto extraslot form you. This feature is for users of relatively small hubs with special content etx. If they're connected to larger hubs, users of larger hubs will immediately after connection fill their upload slots and flood waiting files and users of specialized hub cannot download from this user anymore. For example, my provider grants me extra speed in the providers network, which is separate (and about 7x higher) from global net speed. So when i connect to hub for users of my providers network and some public hub, i'd like users from my providers network hub could download from me at any time (thei're usualy not more than 2 at the time) and not be limited by requests from users of larger hub. I hope it's been possible to understand, because my english is :)
  3. Preferred users/hubs

    From this point, it's rather question of personal opinion than anything else. You can see it as ISP's mistake, but here in Czech Republic it's more like advantage and ~30 000 users conected via same ISP as me see it the same way. To be exact - i have 4M/1.5M to global internet, no FUP an other things, and 10M both directions in ISP's network. I still belive that idea to create additional slots opened for single hub is good.
  4. Preferred users/hubs

    Ok, this was helpful and i think now it's least uncomfortable solution. But also you say you'd use feature like this, imho it's quite notable. Saying "real wold" i meant just that teoretical possibility to add all users of favorite hub to friends is very far from acceptable solution, that can be realy done. A little OT: What real world realy is, in your point of view? It's US, GB, Canada, or (for our purposses) should it be rather countries which have most DC users (because it's very different)? Imho the reason, why isn't there just one single DC client is that all clients are trying to suit it's users. And, as you showed above, when the feature is useful for many users, isn't it worth waste few lines of coding for it?
  5. Preferred users/hubs

    Well... Yes, like I wrote, favorite users are available feature. BUT it is beyond human powers to add 300+ users to "favorite users", while not possible to use regexp etc. I just don't get the connection between "you can now add users to 'favorite users' " and "tho you can't get special slots for single hub". Notice, that I gave two possibilities how to realize request (and there are even many more), but as I stressed above, i request this because in real world it can't be done via 'favorite users'