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  1. Linux ApexDC++

    Hello, I have started working on ApexDC for Linux. The client is based on Qt framework and this doesn't mean that will just work on KDE only The Linux version should be the same of Window one but with few changes because the two OS are different Client is based on DC++ core and the idea is to make it good looking like ApexDC and got all functions a windows client has. There are two packages: DC Client core (called libdcclient) GUI The frist one is just the client core that it's very easy to compile because I wrote autoconf and automake scripts and those will help you fixing missing dependences. Then the second one is the Gui that links against the libdcclient so you don't need to compile client and gui everytime. There is no public release or test version yet, but here some screenshoot I did: What do u think? Is someone involved in this project? Bye
  2. Linux ApexDC++

    Hello I'm sooo sorry but I'm damn busy with uni and exams so I have temporarly stopped developing it but I will continue ASAP! :)
  3. Linux ApexDC++

    Well, trolltech is developing API for WindowsCE too but I have no idea if it will works ;)
  4. Linux ApexDC++

    Yes! It uses DC++ core ;)