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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

    Super !
  2. Some site and forum suggestions.

    Half year later... Bump :
  3. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    DC++ 0.7091 Stable Released ! Changelog .
  4. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    DC++ 0.705 Stable Released Today . New versions of StrongDC++ and after that - ApexDC++ are coming . Changelog.
  5. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    DC++ 0.709 Beta Released ! Changelog . A.k.a. 0.709 ?
  6. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    Sure ? You don't see, because you are in forum group "Support". I'm in forum group "Member". -> . That's because in Board Admin Panel -> MANAGEMENT -> Manage Usergroup -> Member -> Edit Group -> this option: is set to... No. In "Support" group ( and maybe other groups ) is set to Yes and they can edit topic name & description. Maybe... Yes ? Btw, latest: DC++ 0.708 from... 28.08.2008. ~3 months ago .
  7. Main differences with ApexDC++ and StrongDC++

    Maybe the main differences between ApexDC++ and StrongDC++ is that: StrongDC++ is based on DC++ > ApexDC++ is based on StrongDC++. The difference is that created/modified by different authors.
  8. Ти хубаво си се "родил", ама я скивай тук за какво става въпрос :shifty:. 3 месеца so far.
  9. Some site and forum suggestions.

    2 months later... Bump :thumbsup:
  10. 10,000 members

    So far: 10 035 registered members. ID of last registered: 13 960. Well, 13 690 - 10 035 = ~4000 user accounts deleted or not activated ( or pruned ). Good milestone.
  11. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    I have no permission to change topic title :w00t:.
  12. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    StrongDC++ 2.21 Released ! Changelog :w00t:. Changelog for developers.
  13. Convert magnetlinks into human readable links

    Here it is. Just look on Internet more deeply . But even - I didn't see e any source code, but I saw many EXCLUSIVE extras ( here is English translation ), like: Recover download using TTH; Magnet link catalogs; Priorities for shared files; Fixed lang #%%^#%^35 ( Latin -> Cyrillic ); And many other unique opportunity (to appear in other clients much later - as they say in the page). It would be very good to be integrated/fixed as soon as possible... someone delivers the source code :thumbsup:.
  14. Problems running latest version (1.1.0) ?

    Install ZoneAlarm ONLY if you are sure what you are doing. It's NOT for ordinary users, NOT for advanced users, it's for expert and up !
  15. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    Because user group "Members" don't have this permission from Admin Panel -> MANAGEMENT -> Manage Usergroups -> Members -> Edit: It's set to "No" and that's why I have no permission to edit topic title ( also all other members, who created topics ).
  16. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    StrongDC++ 2.2 Released ! Changelog . Changelog for developers. New version of ApexDC++ is coming I think . Btw, impressions: fixed memory leak in network settings (ApexDC++) implemented Quick Search function (ApexDC++) added combobox with available bind IP addresses (ApexDC++)
  17. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    DC++ 0.707 Stable Released ! Changelog . Interesting here.
  18. Some site and forum suggestions.

    Here, this code: <li>Bulgarian (<a href="" target="_blank">download</a>) </li> Is Out-of-Dated from half month ago. Maybe it's time to be updated to: <li>Bulgarian (<a href="" target="_blank">download</a>)</li> ?
  19. ApexDC ++ 1.1.0 Final

    От IPGuard-а, стига да им знаеш IP-то .
  20. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    DC++ 0.707 Beta Unstable Released ! Changelog .
  21. ApexDC ++ 1.1.0 Final

    Май по-добре тези, дето чаткат нещата, да видят точно source code-а на именно този Media Toolbar, да потестват малко и чак тогава да са категорични в изводите си. Аз лично относно този проблем ( за някои не ) не заемам никаква позиция, неутралност.
  22. Problems running latest version (1.1.0) ?

    Added to exceptions of Windows Firewall.
  23. ApexDC++ Translations

    Not really. Exact changelog from file EN_Example.xml ( from 1.0.1 ) to EN_Example.xml ( to 1.1.0 ) is: Added lines: <String Name="ParamExists">Param with same name already exists!</String> <String Name="Updater">ApexDC++ Updater</String> <String Name="UpdaterStart">Update is being downloaded and installed, you'll be notified again when your attention is required.</String> <String Name="UpdaterRestart">Update installation successfull, would you like to restart ApexDC++ now to complete the update proccess?</String> <String Name="UpdaterRestart2">Previous update proccess has not been completed yet, would you like to restart ApexDC++ now in order to update?</String> <String Name="UpdaterFailed">Automatic update failed:</String> <String Name="UpdaterEnd">Your version of ApexDC++ has been updated successfully!</String> Removed lines: <String Name="WinampBack">Back</String> <String Name="WinampPlay">Play</String> <String Name="WinampPause">Pause</String> <String Name="WinampNext">Next</String> <String Name="WinampStop">Stop</String> <String Name="WinampVolUp">Volume up</String> <String Name="WinampVolHalf">Volume 50% / Mute</String> <String Name="WinampVolDown">Volume down</String> <String Name="ToggleToolbar">Media Toolbar Ctrl+4</String> <String Name="WinampSpam">Post media spam to main chat</String> <String Name="FormatBiu">Format bold, italics and underline in chat (may cause some display problems with MOTD's and ASCII pictures)</String> <String Name="SettingsAutoStart">Start ApexDC++ at Windows startup</String> Your pasted changelog is from: EN_Example.1.0.1.xml - 03.04.2008 22:49:53 +4 GMT To: EN_Example.xml - 11.06.2008 21:40:19 +4 GMT Look the two dates. Now download: ApexDC++ 1.0.1 Source And: ApexDC++ 1.1.0 Source And look the dates again ( right click -> Properties -> Modified line ). They are: For 1.0.1: 09.03.2008 15:30:11 +2 GMT ( you may use this GMT Converter to convert this date and time to your current Time Zone ); For 1.1.0: 08.06.2008 23:37:25 +2 GMT ( you may use this GMT Converter to convert this date and time to your current Time Zone ). Also you may see changelog for my language ( few months ago ) here just for more information ( charset Windows-1251 if your browser displays $%^*@$#$#^ ).