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  1. Magnet links to multiple files

    Oh, I didn't know about this. At least I didn't find any topic related. So, can you tell me what the result was?
  2. Hi everybody! I think it would be great if Apex contained an option typed in topic. It would be very useful when going to make a magnet link to some program distributive, for instance, where every file strongly tied with each other. It will prevent from sharing corrupted distributives in this case, and also from having to download the whole program by clicking on each separate file link (imagine if distributive contains hundreds of files). I think there's no reason not trying to make this, you would help very much. Thanks ;)
  3. I don't understand. The column is still there, but its contents is not, when hiding the segments column.
  4. That's funny, but not so much) 1. Rightclick on any column in Download queue window... 2. Uncheck either filename, status, segments, size or maybe any other, and... Voila! That's it!!! See? Right. Where are you, downloaded parts? Come back, I'll forgive everything... :)
  5. [1.0.1][Bug]Collapse All menu option bug

    Is there anybody here alive? At least if you haven't got such a bug, say it, please! Otherwise, that's strange. Don't be indifferent.
  6. [1.0.1][Bug]Collapse All menu option bug

    OK. Now rightclick on any file downloading from several users and choose "Collapse All". And you'll get the "plus" near ktm950. At least that occurs in my client. Maybe it depends on system, because as I can see you use Vista, but I do XP SP2. They are known to be too different ones. Anyway I'd like you to test it on XP. Isn't there anybody observing such a bug? I'm surprised. It's not an ocassional bug. I see it permanently.
  7. [1.0.1][Bug]Collapse All menu option bug

    Not to be proofless I want you to take a look at the attachment. Single nicknames and hub names were just hidden. As you can see if you clicked on the "plus" signs in the red circle, nothing would happen. Naturally Such a situation occurs if you click "Collapse All" context menu item. You'll get this bug if there is at least one single username/hub from which you take your file downloading. I mean each file from the first two in the picture has its own single source and isn't downloaded from any other hub or user.
  8. When I chose Collapse All context menu option on any file downloading from several hubs simultaneously I saw "plus" signs opposite each file downloading, though there were single-hub-files among them, which shouldn't be expanded further. Undoubtedly, they cannot be expanded as they have the only one source from which they can be downloaded.
  9. I found I didn't know what the session is. Would you explain it to me?
  10. Sometimes I'm ready to believe in everything when it sounds evidently in any direction. But now I have to ask: Big Muscle, what did you mean behind the words "summary size" in your last reply? I've attached two shots which show my accident. Did you refer to summary size in rectangle 3 in either image as to the size of bytes transferred in actual session? If it's so I have got to say that I knew it and to state the question again but more directly: why do the sizes of rectangles 1 and 2 (red ones I've drawn for you) differ from each other? Now I can say more. I'm sure the file "The Unforgiven II" was downloaded in only one actual session (look at the image), 'cause it was done in the only once launched application from the very beginning till the end of downloading. It must have been downloaded entirely in 33.79 MB in my session, but I see "1 Items - 30.81 MB". What is this? But if you mean rectangle 2 contents is the trasferred bytes then I must apologise to everybody and confess the real complexity of that system . I think now I've expressed the problem the best. I'm waiting for your response. :)
  11. Oh! Big Muscle, thank you very much. I guess we just fell into misunderstanding then, but now all doubts have disappeared for me. Maybe I should have explained more accurately originally. In fact, I should have read the user guide .
  12. But if you say that I see 4.43 Megabits reading there must be 4.43 / 8 = 0.55 Megabytes of real file, and I see 4.30 Megabytes (as you said). Unfortunately, everything's still not clear for me.
  13. I guess it must be bug that there's an irregular total size of downloaded and uploaded files which takes place in the right bottom corner of the Finished Downloads and Finished Uploads windows. Say, I've got downloaded file of 4.43 MB and I see 4.30 MB in the mentioned place. The more files are loaded the less accurate size is seen.