[Crash] Version 0.3.0 - was running minimized

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Code: c0000005

Version: 0.3.0 (2006-11-12)

Major: 5

Minor: 1

Build: 2600

SP: 2

Type: 1

Time: 2006-11-23 02:00:56


d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\src\lock_free_slist.h(244): _STLP_atomic_freelist::pop

d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\stlport\stl\_alloc.h(432): stlp_std::allocator<char>::allocate

d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\stlport\stl\_string.c(140): stlp_std::basic_string<char=0x00C69FD8,stlp_std::char_traits<char>=0x00C6A020,stlp_std::allocator<char> >::_M_append

d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\stlport\stl\_string.c(203): stlp_std::basic_string<char=0x00C69FD8,stlp_std::char_traits<char>=0x00C6A020,stlp_std::allocator<char> >::_M_assign

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(239): BufferedSocket::threadRead

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(528): BufferedSocket::run

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\thread.h(134): Thread::starter

f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(348): _callthreadstartex

f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(326): _threadstartex

Suddenly crashed, no clue why. ApexDC was running for almost exactly 28 hours. I didn't really use it, just installed it over Apex 0.2.2 directory last night. Since then, after browsing the settings for the first 5 minutes or so I minimized it and there it remained in the tray until now.

ApexDC was connected to 2 LAN hubs, active mode. I guess no major uploads since I was not yet sharing much with this client version. But can't proof since I didn't log ULs. System is WinXP SP2, Athlon XP 2200+ with 1GB RAM. Didn't do anything extensive on this computer the moment it crashed, CPU load around 10% I guess.

If further info is needed, please tell me.

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