Spam Filter in PM's

By Patch in Plugins,
I think it's better to move my project to a new topic. There is version 0.2 - OLD - LATEST VERSION IS ALVAYS IN THE LAST POST changes: -counting the blocked PM's number, and display it -behavior: what its do 1. chek the PM'-s text for key words (www, /fav, dchub://, http, flood ) 2. If not find key word, checks the text lenght. (as version 0.1) 3. If one of the upper things presents in the text, it's block the PM, and paste it's text to the hub's main chat window. (just you will see) I'm currently working on to the script don't checks favorite users, I finded some intresting code from botlehated, but it's not better jet. ------------- Somebody tryd to flood me jesterday, sent 1376 PM to me, but the script blcoked all of them.
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