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  1. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    most apps that select random ports will select them in the range >=1024 <=65535. this means that there are 64512 ports for the program to guess. the likly hood of them both gettnig say port 1411 would be (1/64512)*(1/64512)=(1/4161798144). (you can correct my math now ). however owing to the birthday paradox if you have more applications then two choosing random ports the probability of 2 programms picking the same port will start to become expenetialy lower. if you are really bored you code modify the emperical test at the bottom of that link to calculate how many programms need to be run before a collition will happen.
  2. share per hub, known files tab

    settings -> downloads -> queue -> "Don't download files already in share"
  3. Link: 2 Toolbars For ApexDC

    nice, good work HATRED
  4. Apex User Bar

    nice good work
  5. Favorite Users List

    as your passwords were not shared do you still think they need encrypting
  6. 403 Forbidden Error

    erm looks like you still didn't manage. send one to my email address it is in my profile. or contact me, [OP]Cheers on the techgeeks hub
  7. Missing

    Zinxz this is probably a bug in sdc not apex. however i would have expected crise to say that if it was so mabey not. either way it would be worth seeing if the same occures in sdc
  8. Apex themes

    ran out of the amount of images i could post Mine general window well know idea why this image isn't showing. but here is the URL dctheme file click to download
  9. webserver and the notepad

    Hi GS_Death, what would you use this for, just curious
  10. WebServer Resizing

    press ctrl and '+'
  11. this is not possible in dc and it wont ever be implmented (i hope). if my file sharing software exposed the size of my hard drive i would go mad. as Zlobomir said if you are unhapy with what people are sharing then increase the share size. it is uite possible for some one to have a massive drive (1Tb) but only have 1% of that drive which they consider not to be private
  12. Reconnect to hub

    mm non problems here either im afraid, my client always reconects
  13. Linux version?

    hello Urke, ApexLinux is not top secret. it is just in very early stages. we have had .. delays. matdev atempted the project but has now had to stop. mat has made some developments which we are all greatfull for but the client is not in a stage where it is viable for release. Just so every one knows, ApexLinux is indended to be an improvment on LinuxDC. This is going to be the cvs which we work from. The intention is to expand this trunck to include the featurs that ApexDC++ has. So far small improvments have been made. LinuxDC, by its own adminition, is buggy. Matdev has worked at moving the graphics handeling into a more consistent form as well as attempting to fix some of the bugs. He has also gone some way to puting some branding on the linux dc client. As lee said above (cheers lee ) i have volunteered to take a look at the current source and see what i can do. To this end i am afraid i cannot give you much of an update, other then what i have just said. TBH, other things have been going on. I have not been able to have a proper look at the source. However i indend to keep to lee's dead line, which i calculate as 01/11/06 11:53AM BST. In the mean time; if you are a linux developer and want to help, please consider the linuxDC source a decent enough source to work with. My email address is If you have anything which could help, Such as patches, bug fixes, advice or your time as a developer please feel free to contact me i would also like to say that we apreciate all of the work that the LinuxDC++ team* have put in and any fixes or bugs will be posted to them. btw no decition has been made on the final name for the apex linux client so suggestgons are welcome. finnaly i know i cant spell and my grammer is crap, (cheers crise :fear:). so dont bother correcting me it will go in one ear and out the other *please look at this change log for linuxDC++ credits
  14. [Crash] Download queue

    quick guess, and this is just looking at the above but would the following fix it -- while((pos != NULL) && (m_Spans.GetKeyAt(pos) <= qwStart)) ++ while((pos != NULL) && (qwStart != NULL) && (m_Spans!=NULL) && (m_Spans.GetKeyAt(pos) <= qwStart)) crColor = m_Spans.GetNextValue(pos); }//i am guessing this is the closing brace to something other then the while?
  15. ApexDC++ Logo

    i know what you mean but i do like it, i think. good work :)
  16. Ignore for all users (even OPs)

    you are correct. this was just me having a rant. i was a bit harsh. but my point dose still stand any work that requestes can do to make the dev teams job easier will make it more likly that a request gets added. but i was being an ars. soz Zounas, no offence ment
  17. Ignore for all users (even OPs)

    i apreciate that not every one is a programmer but please try to provide refrence to sources which provide functionality when you refrence other software. this is free opensource software and as such the dev team is very busy and it is more likly a feature will get implemented if you provide these things. if this means researching on the internet and possibly learning a bit so be it. if the feature is important enough to you this is what you need to do. in regard to your specific issue. right click on the bot (chatroom) witch is annoying you and select ignore user.
  18. [Support] V. Slow downloads?

    the first steps are already starting to happen. there are adcs hubs and all clients based on recent dc++ sorces support ssl. However, as has been discussed in other topics, the migration will take time. this is more to do with user education and user knowlege, not the technical abbility of software*. not many users know how to create there own pulic/private key pair, hell most win users wont even have openssl on there machine. If users dont know how to configure this functionality how can one expect them to understand the anoying sutultees of trust relations. PKI is very complex and it will take a long time for the avarage user to be able to utilise the security and assurence it offers effectivly. hell we all know how difficult it is explaining port fowarding and this is a simple concept in comparison * admitidly none of the major hub softs provide adc and therefore adcs (well last time i looked they didn't)
  19. [crash]I don't remember why!

    try this one
  20. netlimiter is shown in the tag
  21. [Support][v.0.2.2] Strange emails?

    just thought i would update this topic with the following blog entry
  22. [crash]I don't remember why!

    Yes please please check out these two links for info There is already a french translation in the second link i posted but any help is welcome and is is always nice to have a scond person to look over work and make corrections and updates. cheers :blushing:
  23. ApexDC++ Logo

    oops :blushing:, what secret area :)
  24. ApexDC++ Logo

    check out these two threads
  25. [Bug?][0.2.2] Network Drives

    this is correct. if the machine with the storage is not on or the file sharing service has not started by the time you switch on the a machine which is sharing drives. the drives will not become mapped untill you attempt to access them. you shoud do as above and make sure the persisten flag has been enabled. this way when you switch on your machine it will atempt to acctully cnonect to the share. if the file server isn't sharing it will incicate that the shar is not mapped.