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  1. Op-client ApexDC++

    OP clients are genrelly avalible to anyone. It is the hub soft that prevents non-OPs users from using it
  2. connecting to public hub list

    try google there are loads of others but they can all be unstable. consider how many people download thet file everyday and its not supprising that it goes down sometimes :)
  3. Website updates

    did you really expect this topic to get no replies when it has such an alluring title. you may as well have just said dont press the big red button
  4. Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha 2 (Bon Echo)

    sorry i just had to jump in a say my fava extentions livehttp headers -- dose exactly what it says (on the tin for enyone from the uk) firebug -- if you do web dev get this! add n edit cookies -- again does what it says leetkey -- please dont be deswaded by the name of this extention. it can do inline base64, hex, url rot13, binary morse, DES and of corse |337 encoding/decoding. this and source in tab is very good if you are doing anything with soap or saml . i wonder if ill ever write a post which i dont have to edit [twice. three times, 4 lol] as soon as i'v read it
  5. Another Screen Shot

    cheers Zlobomir
  6. tell us who you are

    i got that picture name/nick(s): balder gender : male age: 25 (15 jan 1981) country: south east England zodiac sign: capricorn hobby's : computers, music(drums) on DC since: un sure about 3-4 years worse thing what happened on DC: well it wasn't dc's fault but loosing my entire share (about 170G) best thing what happened on DC: getting it all back in about 2-3 months funniest thing what happened on DC: getting that picture :P
  7. Another Screen Shot

    whay , glad to see you made it aninerbe
  8. connecting to public hub list

    it was down earlier today. its like any other web sevice sometimes its down. it is nothing to do with peerweb
  9. HELP!

    also this program is good if you want to start it as a service.
  10. How evil are you?

    i will pm this one cause its a horrible word had to google this one myself minor is refering to a young child (not in sexual way (i hope)) yer i thought that one was a bit lame
  11. Development, program versions

    this is a really nice addition to a site/project which already gives us a lot thanks do mine ears decive me, could it be true, finally a decent dc client for linux. Thank you ALL i will happily be the tester for that :)
  12. how nerdy are you?

    Looks like the test was wrong, your more of a nerd then me :stuart:
  13. how nerdy are you?

    [quote name='logi
  14. how nerdy are you?

    yep :P
  15. how nerdy are you?

    2% scored higher (more nerdy), and 98% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!! I really dont think thats a good thing though. I should get out more
  16. NEW Windows DC HuB Software ...

    i dont know about resource hungry. but i have just tested it as a client and it is still a bit buggy, not production yet, but worth keeping an i on . logi could perhaps ansewr questions about the server side aspect.
  17. This guide explains how a user can configure Kerio firewall to allow ApexDC++ transfers and search. The guide is quite simple, so beginners shouldn't have a problem. If you do, please post below. :( ApexDC_____Kerio_firewall_guide.pdf
  18. Marker Line

    cheers :thumbsup:
  19. Another Screen Shot

    good work :thumbsup: i think that its such a daunting thing to look at with so many ideas, i probably just gave up mentally :)
  20. Another Screen Shot

    Again i completly agree i dont think i managed to get any feture request from this. i did email the user the link to this thread. i had hoped that he might come, post and possibly explain some of the requests :thumbsup: :)
  21. Marker Line

    what library does peerweb/strondc/apex use
  22. Another Screen Shot

    Yep that was my thought exactly, but i thought there has been so much effort but in i had to post it :D
  23. Marker Line

    Just had a quick look at the source and it looks like it is all in C, also it use's GTK library (what does peerweb/strondc/apex use i have always asumed it was MFC) so it may not be compatible. however it shouldn't be to dificult to achive in MFC i think you can just have a function to draw a cpen line at the bottom of main chat window. well my 2p dont know if it is that simple, havn't looked at the code but it would undoubtably mean that this would need to be a chat entry object (or simlar) so that it would scroll correctly, and this means extending a base class. well im starting to woffal now so im going to stop :)
  24. Marker Line

    apparantly Programming Language : C, Visual Basic (seems like an odd couple to me ) source: