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  1. Help with user tags

    a more an experienced hub owener could probably correct me here. but at a guess i would say it is looking for a tag that looks like DC++ and not just any tag. the apex tag has more infomation then the dc tag and therefore dosn't look like a dc++ one
  2. settings with VPN connection

    search is genrally releated UDP, my first guess would be that udp is beening blocked. What vpn software are you using, Are there any know issues with UDP and this softwres. are you just shareing files within the vpn or are you atempting to share files over the internet through the vpn a screen shot of your connection settings could be usefull as well Can you dowload you could always try the officail ApexDC Support hub
  3. IP country recognition

    the apex support hub tgo should have an entry in your faviourets
  4. Login box for main page?

    Ðrзω™ when you login there is a check box wich says something like remeber me on this computer. this will write a cookie to your browser and automaticly log you in...untill you delete the cookie
  5. settings with VPN connection

    ok at a guess i would say that you are using this -->Description . . . . . . . . . : WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface<-- connection. you will therefore need to spicefy the "Network interface for all connections" to this setting is at the top of the connection settings.
  6. external IP detect

    Hello 4lex, this has been discussed quite a bit on the forums. thanks for your assistance. however i do not belive Crise wants to connect to a website even from the client. He wants it to be cleverer then that Edit: if you are considering connecting to a website i would reccomend using curl its open source, easy to use and supports loads of platforms so would be easy to port to linux. happy to look into this more if you want. Edit2:it also supports ssl so it can be secured...well obscured
  7. [Bug][0.2.0] /pubstats bug

    guessing here but does the text start (or/and end) with a character return/line feed
  8. Right-Click Options

    I agree. I also think it would be great to have copy file+path in file list view, mainly adl search edit: another great file list option would be jump to file in file list from adl Search)
  9. TSL

    the only thing i can think of is to bring it onto the radar of hub owners i.e. pki is comming, get ready
  10. Themes For Our ApexDC

    FlaSh, thanks for the suggestgion, there is a customise page which i am sure the admins are going to realese anytime now *. it will should include things like the ones you suggested. *anyone want to take a stab at gussing when. im going for the 21/8/06
  11. TSL

    this basicly means that connectios between you and the hub you are in will be encryptid and that file transfers be enrypted (assuming both parties support it). however the connection is only secure if you 'Trust' the person/hub you are connected too. Edit: just wanted to say that this is a very early draft. It could and most likly will change quite a bit.
  12. 1.0 Public Beta

    right click main and select clear chat or type /c (or /clear) in main
  13. [BUG][0.1.0]Search Spy isn't working

    i can confirm this v0.2.0.1
  14. Downloading non-shared Files

    are the files which are in your dowanload que. apexdc automaticly shares incomplete files. however they are not added to your file list
  15. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    it seems you are right about the tab complete thing (i was sure i saw that in there). however it does have LUA but the script editor icon is not on the toolbar by default. and it dosn't seem like you can get to it any other way but the script editor. With that said i have not actully used the lua so ... i may end up :)
  16. DC++ connection problem

    hi shejtan, could you provide more infomation. ehg, which hubs are you connec6ting to. Have you tried connecting to one hub at a time to see if it is actully just one hube that is affecting things. Also code you post the contents of exceptions.txt (probably c:\program files\apexdc++\exceptions.txt. this will help the dev team nknow a bit more about what is going on, cheers :)
  17. Search problems

    i think i know where your going bINKbINK. however most people dont like to post there ip address and it sometimes changes. if you have any of the following ip address it is probably the wrong address (you shouldn't get this) – – – – (if you have one of these your netwok is not set up probaly)
  18. peer web dc ++ 0.491 bug report

    please upgrade to apexdc preview
  19. Search problems

    this dose sound like a udp issue. try to catch me ([OP]Cheers) or one of the other support staff in the Apex official Suport hub
  20. Disable partial sharing

    I just wanted to pipe up here and say that (currently) in the EU it is not illegal to share partiale files unless you country has explicitly made it illegale. the EU courts are currently deciding on this and will probably take about ten years to come to a decition. I would also like to saye that i do not belive any eu county has made it illegle to share partial files. It is only illeagle to share completed files. I will try and find some documentation to back up this post. however i have another 40 posts to read as i have been away for a couple of days (you have been busy). and then going to get some lunch. will try and back upmy commments within about an hour. however i wold like to say that it is genreally quite hard to prove a lwas dosn't exist. if you are going to flame me please provide infomation on where the law dose exsist. Dont know antything about countries outside of EU sorry
  21. Search problems

    this sounds like a problem with udp fowarding. do you have more info
  22. [BUG][0.1.0]Search for user doesen´t work

    crise i have seen a lot of demand to bring back the dynamic searching, so i obviously agree that it is a good feature. however (and i think you implied this in your pervious post) please let me disable it as resource usage is an issue for me :)
  23. TSL

    use dcdev hub (secure vertion) to test. (i think please correct if wrong)
  24. MAX TCP

    this is unlickly. dc++ is not windows update :)
  25. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    zmDC++ has lua and is based on 0.691. it also has the tab complete function which was mentioned