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  1. [Support] Segment Block finished, waiting..

    no offence was ment by this i had just woke up with a hangover ^_^
  2. [Support] Segment Block finished, waiting..

    seach the forum! It is spelt Apex! A feture is not stupid because you dont know how to use it or how it works! if you dont like this client use a different one
  3. Follow last redirect

    Zlobomir this is the first thing which i disable but i think it is usefull to newbies. if they conect to a hub they cant get into they will be redirected. people who want to disable this genralyy know how to but people who want to enable it might not.
  4. Password in favorites

    i think you missed my point. i did ramble a bit and i cant be bothered to read what i wrote so i will forgive you.. as you pointed out you could lock your room. sounds like that would serve your purpose. i think favs arnt important enough to be encrypted. As crise said the benifit of them being in the clear is better. there will enevitably people who fall outside this but they will have to solve there own prolems
  5. Password in favorites

    the thing with security is the value of protecting it is defined by the value of the infomation. Most people wouldn't value there dc++ password infomation. if they are just a reged user there is not too much affect of someone stealing your password. If your an op or in private hub the situation is different. However most people in this situation would be able to add the appropriate protection level at the os, where it should be i.e. you should only give you, admin, and the user running apex access to read the fav file set up other user names for other people other then you. and lock you session when you are away from the PC. these are the ways you should protect infomation. Extra security should only be put in place if the value of the data is important enogh to first break all the os security. Plus the benift of having passwords in a fav file is that when a hub looses all there accounts and you need to re-reg (as they enevitably will) or if you need to change your name/prefix or for any reasons. you can recover the password easily. To answer your question about how could a newbie know. Well to be quite frank tuff!. if you are willing to post a clear text file to a stranger with out looking at it first then it is your own fault if a password gets nicked. XML is the most intuitve language there is; MSIE opens it easily. so any newbie no mater what would be able to open that file and quickly see that it had passwords in. If you think that they wouldn't think to open the file, then thay shouldn't be playing with it.
  6. Password in favorites

    im someone can read your favioutrets.xml file you probably have more problems then them stealing your dc account
  7. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    edit:...erm i wrote a completly pointless post. totally of topic. :pinch: never mind
  8. TV shows series downloaded by name

    I dont know if this will be implmented but if it is i can imagine that it will only be done via alphabetic ordering. Doing any type of fuzy logic would just wast processor power. therefore if you had the following 1 2 10 priority would be 1 highest 2 normal 10 high as Latin had said filenames with leading zeros will work fine and so would the example datadyne has given (untill ep 10). this is the only realistic way i can see this being implmented. This brings up a problem. If the function is not implmented perfectly i.e. it is implmented how i have stated above. Many people would belive that the programm was buggy, leading to an influx of people complaining on the forums which. for this reason i am unsure if this will be implmented
  9. There are plans for apex to develop a linux client, as you should be able to tell by the forums. However it must be noted that this will not be an overnight job. DC++->SDC++->ApexDC has taken and lot of people many years to develop a good looking, feature rich stable(ish) program. Developing an equivelent for the linux platform will take time. the first release is not likly to offer the same amount of fetures that the win one dose. It is worth mentioning that there are linux and java DC++ clients however unsatable. there are also programms, as ifmn stated, for many other p2p networks. FTP and newsgroups are also still very popular. it is also worth mentioning that VMware is now free so you could always run a VMware machine for your windows apps.
  10. DCTMP file assiciations

    well i have three four on the same pc with two and a half running at anyone time so its easy to forget :D
  11. made wallpaper for me

    cheer Radox, well done
  12. hi 3dfx, could you please post your method incase others see this thread
  13. DCTMP file assiciations

    for a second i thought i was going mad :S. but it dose make a diffrence on mine win2k sp4
  14. DCTMP file assiciations

    Well good damm i din't notice that, i have alsways pressed shift even in XP :S. however in checking this i did notice that shift+right click on an exe gives the option for run as
  15. [Bug][0.2.2] Starting error

    Agread if MS dosn't support it then one cant expect a thrird party software application to support it let alone an OpenSource software application. Sorry
  16. Close button

    i would not like this feature so if added it should be a option (please). ifmn i use to close apex by accedent all the time but now i leave 'confirm on exit' on and thats enough to remind me that i want to minimize instaead of close. I think that the way apex dose this is the corect behavour, minimize on close really anoys me that is not what i told the programm to do. kopete dose it and i have no system tray running so to close it probaly i have to kill -9 it. it sucks. anyway thats my little rant over :D
  17. [Support] GeoIPCountryWhois.csv + Country flags

    How come mabey someone can help
  18. DCTMP file assiciations

    zlobomir method will work and is less likly to give you a mistake. however you could try running 'command' instead of cmd
  19. DCTMP file assiciations

    this is more then likly because you double clicked the file at some time and chose to open it with apex. if you really want to associate dctmp files with apex do the following start -> run cmd C:\>assoc .dctmp=dcPlusPlusTmp C:\>ftype dcPlusPlusTmp="C:\Program Files\ApexDC++\ApexDC.exe" %1 you will have to change the path of apex to what ever it is on yours but i think a better option would be to use vlc to open dctmp files.
  20. Protocol Obfuscation

    any changes to the protocol should be recomended on the dc++ forums
  21. RoBots in Apex?

    I don't think scripting is appropriate for a normal client maybe op. and then it will be LUA. it would be a massive job to intergrate PHP into a client. you could always hack the source code if you want more features.
  22. Compiling ApexDC++

    I just wanted to quickly post (before anyone else wasts hours of there time) and let people know that commpiling in VS 2005 express dose not work due to the lack of ALT libraries in that package
  23. Compiling ApexDC++

    STL and WTL mods
  24. Connection between two passive users?

    lmao .... thanks loads Zlobomir ;)
  25. AutoUpdate

    genrally with virus software and spyware programs you are only updateing the datebases/signitures not the actual program. if you do have to update the actual program you will find that you will have a large downlod. it is actully quite rare for sorftware companies to patch the binary. they may only update one dll. but it is unlikly that they will do a live patch on a pre built binary, they will just replace the entire bin. sorry i dont think this will be implmented. edit: just to make sure there is know ambiguity. Apex dose have an auto update facility.