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  1. Apex themes

    Just wanted to re raise all these themes. lots of people have provided thems but there are only a few on the customize section. these thems where submited before that section was created so ill let you off adrian_007 general window progressbar colors colors & fonts userlist colors dctheme file click to download Keine general window progressbar colors colors & fonts userlist colors dctheme file click to download Radox1 colors & fonts dctheme file click to download Radox2 colors & fonts dctheme file click to download KP dctheme file click to download if i have missed any sorry not the other themes can be found here
  2. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    I would like to echo Lee's comments and say this is a great achievement I have been with apexdc++ (peerweb++) probably since about the time of it inception or not long after. In my time i have been in the support forums, tester, donator and also naively tried to do some of the dev at one point. I was also one of the members always actively pushing for a linux client. That was until the time the the project managed to make some leg-way in developing a linux client, when i unfortunately dropped of the planet. Over the years lee has asked me to get involved again and i have stopped by made some promises and vanished again. I guess one of the reason this was easy to do was because the project was moving on very well without me. Then a few months back possibly the end of last year lee came to me with a working linux client (beta), i was excited but when i got it i realised i still had no where to run it, my linux machine is pretty much headless and i now have a mac. That said i did test it out and was impressed. it was on my list of things to work on. Then lee sent me the following So yes i have now managed after many years to run apexdc on my laptop with a gui*. It is nice to be back and any mac users will be lucky o get a chance to test this. Thanks Lee, Crise, Gevorg and anyone else that has helped make this happen. *for anyone interested im using ncdc on my server but it dose not support segmented downloading . its ncurses but if you run irssi you might be interested in ncdc.
  3. Run ApexDC through Proxy

    this wiki article gives a high level view of the differences. in relation to having an active connection over a proxy server, it would be possible by setting up a reverse socks proxy however you will still need to open the port the socks proxy is listening on. so one has to ask if you have enough control to pat the proxy port why not just pat the trafic directly to your machine. What im sayig is people genreally use proxies because they have no control over the firewall policy i.e. uni. to get DC to work in active mode you need to be able to update the firewall rule base weather using a proxy or not. The only benefit i could see of using a proxy would be to try and create a load balancing dc client. could be interesting to see if this has been done. proxy all Get and (U)Get(Z)Block commands to one or more backed servers with shared storage. this could be split between you sending and receiving a get to split up/download and all other commands to your laptop. this would allow you to have a server to do actual up and down load and a client to do seraching and chating. wonder if anyone has done something like this before
  4. We're porting to Linux: and paying!

    In an attempt to move this on to something a bit more relevent and away from the school yard politics. * is there a public cvs/svn/git repositry for apex i havn't been able to find it if there is. if there is which modules/projects (sorry dont know the correct teminolagy) represnt the core. - if not would it be possible to make a tar file which only contains the stuff that you consider core? * correct me if im wrong but im gussing one of the first steps is to move away from vcproject files and move to make/gmake/(s)cons for both windows and linux * has any effort been made to get the windows source building in minGW - if not this should probably be the first step should it not? * any modifications to the windows still needs to compile in windows and linux with no further mdifications? - any one got recomendations on this eg #ifdef statments? Ok so I am not a programmer, i can hack code and script. I genreally use vi which should give you an impretion of the size of things im use to working on. dont waste your breath on flaming me. if i have made a statment that is incorrect then correct me and move on. im big enough and stupid enough to listen to corrections. Other than that lets get thes questions answered because at this stage i think they are more important than what gui should be used.
  5. startup.lua

    link to the above was dead so have attached a copy of libsimplepickle.lua. also added a copy of startup.lua will just need to change the extension from txt to lua libsimplepickle.txt Startup.txt
  6. ApexDC for external HDDs

    the submit a patch
  7. ApexDC for external HDDs

    I doubt this has changed so
  8. We are now hiring

    Wow this is great news, you guys have obviously moved on leaps and bounds since i was last around. I read the post on OpenCandy sounds like a good idea especially if it has allowed you to to make offer like this. I will have to install things and start been active again. I know its been a few years but i'm sure ill be able to offer something. Good to see you all doing so well. Congrats :D
  9. Logging Explained

    ok so i have been away from apex for a long time so the below is dealing with ssl not apex. hopefully it will give guiedn's to orthers not sure if apex will automaticly use TLS. however ssl. when you connect to a client they present you there pulilc cert and you, yours to them. if you trust each other you exchange session keys for in-going and out-going connections. you encypt a packer with your partners public key and vice versa. only the private key is able to decrypt the packet. the contence of this packet is used then used as a Symmetric-key to encypt the [ssl] tunnel Again not sure what options Apex has but you can disable trust in ssl. just let your contac present there public cert and automaticly trust it. however this automaticly undermins the majority of the security presented by ssl. if somone has access to you traffic then the can do a man in the middle attack on you. if you trust anything you wont know. if someone is trying to snif at your traffic they already have the access to do this so why encypt if you trust anyone? that said it depends on how you are blocking. Although it is theoreticly possible that an isp will MIM every dc++ ssl connection it is unlikly, therefore if you simply want to hide your traffic form the logs it is better to trust everyone, just remeber it is not "secure" file name shouldn't matter it should use the CN of the cert download wireshark could have saved some time if i read this post befor answering the other At a gusse i would say the name doesn't matter. DC will read all files and use the DN as an identifier. but it is a gusse, if chris can't answer this the dc++ forums are probly your best bet
  10. Logging Explained

    Logging Explained Ok below im going to try and explain the varuios Logging options. I am attempting top do this by backwards engineering the logging page and possibly takeing a look at the source. I am therefore bound to miss something so post it below and ill update this post cheers. On the Logs property filed you have four boxes Directory -- The Directory that the logs area stored in Logs -- A list of logs that you can store/collect. I tick indicates enabled Log Format -- What information to log Filename -- The Filename of the log Log Formats Here are the date and time log formats %a - Abbreviated weekday name %A - Full weekday name %b - Abbreviated month name %B - Full month name %c - Date and time representation appropriate for locale %d - Day of month as decimal number (01 - 31) %H - Hour in 24-hour format (00 - 23) %I - Hour in 12-hour format (01 - 12) %j - Day of year as decimal number (001 - 366) %m - Month as decimal number (01 - 12) %M - Minute as decimal number (00 - 59) %p - Current locale's A.M./P.M. indicator for 12-hour clock %S - Second as decimal number (00 - 59) %U - Week of year as decimal number, with Sunday as first day of week (00 - 53) %w - Weekday as decimal number (0 - 6; Sunday is 0) %W - Week of year as decimal number, with Monday as first day of week (00 - 53) %x - Date representation for current locale %X - Time representation for current locale %y - Year without century, as decimal number (00 - 99) %Y - Year with century, as decimal number %z, %Z - Either the time-zone name or time zone abbreviation, depending on registry settings; no characters if time zone is unknown %% - Percent sign Parameters valid for file transfer %[userNI] - Users Nick name %[userI4] - Users IP address %[hub] - Hub Name %[hubURL"] - Hub URL %[fileSI"] - File Size %[fileSIshort"] File size short form (guesing this is KB/MB/GB) %[fileSIchunk"] - This appears to be the chunk size %[fileSIchunkshort"] = Chunk size in short form %[fileSIactual] = Get Actual file size bytes %[fileSIactualshort] - Get actual file size in short form %[speed] - Average Speed of transfer %[time] - time of log transaction %[fileTR] - file TTH upload parameters %[source] - file being uploaded download parameters %[target] - file name being saved Parameters for Webserver logging %[file] - file been requested %[ip] - IP addres making request Parameters avalible everywhere %[message] - prints the message sent this is context sensetive %[extra] - couldn't find this parameter in the source so not sure what it dose if anything Its possible that the 'Parameters valid for file transfer' are valid in all context, some of them can be used in the Filename. Ok so an example. the default Log Private message is Therefore for every message the following will be logged [ - a left hand bracket anything that isn't transformed is taken as a literal character %Y - Year with century, as decimal number %m - Month as decimal number (01 - 12) %d - Day of month as decimal number (01 - 31) %H - Hour in 24-hour format (00 - 23) : - A colon, %M - Minute as decimal number (00 - 59) %[extra] - includes IP and country code of the user, if related options are enabled, and this info is available ] - a right hand bracket %[message] - the message sent. This will produce a log entry like the one below ok now the filename this expands to PM\ - this is taken as a literal and therefor sets logging to go into a subdirectory under the main logging directory. eg C:\Program Files\ApexDC++\Logs\PM\ %B - Full month name - - A literal dash '-' %Y - Year with century, as decimal number \ - ba back slash meaning another sub directory %[userNI] - the username of the person in the pm .log - a file extention to put on the end of the file again this is a literal and could be .txt, .tmp or anything you want. Therefore the above log is saved in
  11. sorry to drag up an old post but are there any cli options
  12. How to hide my IP address while at a site?

    if you want to hide your ip address you will need to go to an anonymous proxy of some type. An onion network would be best look up Tor. however your bandwith will take a hit. most people dont hide there address and connect directly.
  13. Minimum search interval

    if you dont have it enabled i could root you with a tenth of the effort compared to if it is enabled. the following article explains seom of the vunribilities introduced by reducing this feauture And before anyones ays i know this requieres an admin user but UAC is designed because most windows users run as admin
  14. choose network interface for browser

    not sure waht your asking. Do you wany your browser to bind to a specifi address. browsers normally bind to all addresses and then use your routing table to decide where to send traffic. this is by design. for exsample my PC has two nics and 0.2 is my internet connection 1.2 is my lan connection. i have a website on, if i bound my browser to the internet (0.2) interface i would not be able to visit the web site on 1.2 because there would be no route. Anyway long story short im pretty sure its not possible but if you could explain a bit more it may help
  15. TLS explained

    Ok, a couple of people have asked about TLS so i am going to right a small guide. Before i start please read the following topics these are topics which discuss the caveates of TLS. Ok, first of all you need to download OpenSSL i use this package for windows. install this package excepting all defaults i choose not to overwrite the three files mentioned. this is your choose. both will work but overwriting the files may cause other programs that use ssl to stop working. most uses don have programs that use SSL. Ok now you need to add the OpenSSL bin directory onto your system path. right click My Computer -> select properties -> select Environment variables Under System Variables locate Path and select Edit. ooh it appears that the installer places openssl on the path for you. just incase make sure that C:\OpenSSL\bin is somewhere in this variable. if not place a ';' at th end of the variable value and add C:\OpenSSL\bin now that all that is done you should be able to open apex settings go to security and select generate certificate. you will need to setup port forwarding on the TLS port and this port will need to be different from the TCP and UDP ports Ok, now you need to learn what TLS is, how it offers security and what it doesn't do. if you leave all of the other options in place then if either a hub or a client supports TLS you will connect to them over an encrypted channel. if you untick "allow TLS connections to hubs without trusted certificates" if you want to connect to a hub over an encrypted channel then you need to put the hubs certificate into your trusted certificate folder (C:\Program Files\ApexDC++\Settings\Certificates\) if you untick "allow TLS connections to clients without trusted certificates" if you want to connect to a client (download) over an encrypted channel then you need to put that users client certificate into your trusted certificate folder (C:\Program Files\ApexDC++\Settings\Certificates\) with all of that said ADCS is very unstable and unsupported. if any of this doesn't work you should report the errors to DC++ forums if you have any corrections to this guide please post them below it will be appreciated here is a link to the ADC protocol draft
  16. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    scroll up about seven posts
  17. Plugins

    hi s2k, just wanted to make a pasing coment and hope you dont take offence. so i will start by saying thankyou for showing atention and ofering to help. what i wanted to say is that it would be benifitial if you could offer solutions to your questions. from what you have writen it suggests you know what ou are talking about. if instead of the following you said something like this will enable the dev team or posibly others intrested in a simlar feature to implment it much easier. i gusse what im saying is plugins are a developer feature and as such its expected to get requests from developers and that these requests should be constructed in the afformentioned manner. im not sure i may be speeking out of turn but either way if you can do the above it will help. i think that as developers you should understand the dev process and know that some features get more atenetion then others. i kow that if i was tech architecture for apex i would hope that the plugins side of a projected woud get active support from it devs. i.e. if the plugin api is not good enough send a patch. anyway as i said i hope i haven't offended and apreciated your assistance
  18. Linux Project Development

    sorry. im incredibbly lame. i will try to test the latest source over the next few days. is the latest source still on sourceforge
  19. Plugin API

    a lua plugin would be good. but for an API i thin the following functions would be good *full search feauters (starting with the simple ability to search all loged in hubs) *start a download *query download queue *query upload queue *query all queue's *query the statues of the hubs you are connected to (or not) *basicly exposing as most information as possible in as many ways concivable *as well as letting search and start a new download this would allow apps like pidgen, firefox & more to develope some pretty nice plgins so i gusse i can expect those features in about a week EDIT: should have probably read this first :)
  20. TSL

    youknowwho do you get the same problems in dc++.
  21. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.1

    Hello everyone i just wanted to drop by and say a masive congratulations. i know i have been vacent for a bit and i may be for a bit more but it is awsome to se that you guys are still going strong. this is a massve milestone and im glad you guys have made it (it being the best dc client ). anyway keep up the good work and lee,chris & nas you have my msn you know where my skills are. if i can help give me a holla
  22. Share skiplist

    Well in my diffense the guide was never intnded to have a working filter just give people the idea of how they work but thanks for the working example have updated the guide ;)
  23. Share skiplist

    Configuring share skip list Apex has the ability to remove files from your share based on a list you provide. This list is configured in the Advanced properties tab you should enter your list of files in the share skiplist. files can be separated by a semicolon and you can use wildcards star therefore to stop sharing all dll and all cab files you could do the following *.dll;*.cab; to stop sharing your porn collection you could add *porn* i.e. *.dll;*.cab;*porn* to stop sharing your all files tht begin with the letter 'j' (i dont know you may be superstitious) you could add j*. i.e. *.dll;*.cab;*porn*;j* with the above in my settings my client will refuse to share anything which ends in .dll or .cab, anything that contains the word porn anywhere in the file name. As well as all files beginning with the latter 'j'
  24. Game: Guess the movie

    Correct Scores 1. RadoX - 4 2. Kulmegil - 3 2. Noctis - 3 2. Greg - 3 2. Balder - 3 3. Lee - 2 3. Satan - 2 4. Calum - 1
  25. Game: Guess the movie

    ok, starring Trey Parker, Dian Bachar and Ron Jeremy