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  1. Web Server

    try this, step-by-step: 1. Open your Apex, click on the File menu, then Settings 2. Find, on the left side, option named Advanced and select it 3. On the right side, you'll see a list of checkboxes, scroll them down, until you find checkbox saying "Enable Webserver" and turn it on (check it / mark it / make it checked) 4. Find, on the left side again, option named "Experts only" (right below option "Advanced") and select it 5. On the right side, in the upper side of the dialog, you'll see a Webserver section, containing fields "Port", "User" and "Password", configure those fields how ever you like (try not to leave the default things there), for ex. Port:12345, User:apex123, Password:apexpass456 6. Close Apex / Run Apex again 7. Open your web browser and type in the address bar: http://localhost:12345 (or whatever port you have entered in step 5) 8. If the correct login page appears, log in with your User/Password entered in step 5. this worked for me, so, give it a try..
  2. Web Server

    go to file / settings / advanced find the option "enable webserver" and turn it on then, go to file / settings / advanced / experts only change the default port for webserver (put something like 12345) and then try to access it via your browser as following: http://localhost:12345
  3. Download problem - connecting timout

    you need to configure your ruter, if you have one.. also, you need to make sure no firewall is blocking your apexdc++ connections.. also, if you have any antivirus software, configure it to allow apex access to the internet..
  4. SFV Support

    maybe the best solution would be to implement something like OnDownloadComplete.. something like File preview section.. users can define which programs should run after successful download of some filetype (or some other criteria).. so, you guys who want sfv so badly, you can find a small client that can check the validity of a music file (according to its sfv file), by simply putting a OnDownloadComplete entry for say mp3 files or so..?
  5. Hi, I almost forgot this, and it was the feature I was needed a lot When I search for some files, I always wanted to be able to access all those data in a more accessible way, for example, to copy it to a text editor and perform some Regular Expression on it, to be able to categorize/classify that data.. So, shortly: - when selected, all search results can be copied to clipboard in a similar format to this: User="nick1" Hub="hubname5" File="file5.txt" Size="123456" TTH="..." User="nick2" Hub="hubname3" File="file2.txt" Size="456" TTH="..." User="nick3" Hub="hubname2" File="file3.txt" Size="1456" TTH="..." User="nick4" Hub="hubname6" File="file1.txt" Size="46" TTH="..." Or something similar, at least I'd like to be able to copy all the available info, of selected search results, to the clipboard. Thanks a lot if you implement this!
  6. Beta preview?

    No, it's ok, I understand. It's not that I blame you for that, it's just I was curious about new features and stuff, because, we have a hub and provide our users preconfigured XML config file (for optimal perfomance, etc.) so I'm kind of anxious to get it in my hands and see what we will be dealing with that's all :)
  7. Missing GeoIP Flags

    Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but, using Resource Explorer, I've found out that in the PNG resourse section of an ApexDC.exe file, there is a resource with the ID of 330, containing flags of all the supported countries. There, I see no Serbian flag, that's why I posted this message. Edit: I've examined this link http://www.maxmind.com/app/techinfo and found Serbia in that list with over 1 million ip addresses, so I guess they did their job correctly? Also on http://www.geoiptool.com/ there is Serbia listed, too. Which link should I check (which geo-ip database you use for ApexDC) ?
  8. Alpha blending icons

    thanx a lot man.. it's just me being careless, so I've had all alpha channels transparent.. that's why I didn't see any pixels.. :thumbsup: thank you again, it works perfectly :)
  9. Alpha blending icons

    Will there be any support for 32bit images (with alpha channel) for smilies? Something like 32bit BMPs or PNGs or JPEG2000? :w00t: This one shouldn't be so hard, I guess, also, every piece of software nowadays supports it Thanks in advance, if you decide to implement it :thumbsup: Edit: Also, is there any chance for animated gifs? I know it's probably a resource heavy option, so my first guess is you'll say a big NO but, it wont hurt me to ask :)
  10. Crash while performing /sc

    I've started using checkings a couple of days ago, and since that, I experience some freezings with apex.. When I type /sc it starts checking clients (even sometimes it check everyone without a freeze), but sometimes in the middle of the checking progress, apex just freezes.. (I've looked into Task Manager and it seems, at that moment, apex doesn't use a lot of cpu, as I would expected) This happens very often, and only when a check is in the progress.. Anyway, what can I do to track down the problem?
  11. Alpha blending icons

    can you upload some of those bmps, so I can try too?
  12. Alpha blending icons

    I've tried 32 BMPs also, but with no success :/
  13. New version of Apex (when) ?

    Thanks a lot :thumbsup:
  14. New version of Apex (when) ?

    Hi, I'm just curious, are there any plans for a new version of Apex soon (newer than 1.1.0)? I don't say the latest version is not working ok, I'm just wondering is it going to happen any soon? Thanx in advance, burek.
  15. New version of Apex (when) ?

    I'm not asking for an exact date, but something like "this year", "this month", "in the next two months", etc. :thumbsup:
  16. shared file filtering

    one suggestion though.. can you please move the skiplist box where it should naturaly be.. in file / settings / sharing
  17. Thanks a lot! You're the man! :crying:
  18. Hi, I'm using ApexDC++ v1.1.0 -ApexDC.exe (3.103.232 bytes) -ApexDC.pdb (23.703.552 bytes) with original emopacks: -Nerdcore (Black).xml -Nerdcore (Transparent).xml -Nerdcore (White).xml -PeerWeb.xml Wich ever emopack I choose with the right click of the mouse, my smileys don't appear in the mainchat/pm. Instead, a blank space is displayed in the text at the place where a smiley should be. Can anyone suggest me what to look for? How to trace this problem, since it is very annoying :crying: Thanks to anyone who helps.
  19. merge://

    ok, never mind..
  20. merge://

    that's exactly what I'm saying.. it's nonsense to share same thing twice, but that wasn't the question of this topic.. the question is merging two folders into one.. i still say that there is a problem when you want to merge folders like: c:\folder1\bla.txt (1 byte) d:\folder1\bla.txt (101 byte) even though those files both have the same name, these two folders cannot be easily merged without some implied actions on those files..
  21. Public Development Starting

    geez.. I've lost you guys.. It all started as a topic for a linux client development, then switched to ms vs lin fight, then again switched to "is it or is it not coded by dc standard".. focus on the topic please and is there any download link for any of those betas? :)
  22. merge://

    If you have the same two folders, what's the point of having the same thing twice? But if you have two folders with different files but some of the files have the same name, you then have a problem if you try to merge them, right?
  23. Command Aliases

    Hi, Could you implement something like mIRC aliases? It works like this: 1. user types in something like: /aliasss 1 2 3 (params) 2. ApexDC looks up in its aliases list to find alias named 'aliasss' and if it does, it executes command(s) associated with that alias the list of aliases could be something like: <alias_name1> <alias_definition1> <alias_name2> <alias_definition2> <alias_name3> <alias_definition3> for example: /kick !kick [%1] [%2] /reg !regnew [%1] 1|!regpass [%1] [%2] /slap +me slaps [%1] with a [%file:slaps.txt] etc. - alias "/kick" has 2 params (nick and reason) so you would simply type: /kick nick reason - alias "/reg" has also 2 params (nick and password) but it has 2 commands to execute in order to register one new nick, meaning, if we type "/reg nick pass" it will execute these commands: "!regnew nick 1" and "!regpass nick pass" - alias "/slap" has 1 param (nick) and has another parameter [%file:filename] which reads a random text line from a file named <filename> which is located in the root of apex installation folder (in this example "slaps.txt") I think this would be a very nice and user friendly feature, allowing users to have some fun on hubs while downloading what they want :thumbsup: and the most important part is, you don't need to use your mouse every often, since you can do most of action by typing aliases on your keyboard.. Thanks in advance.
  24. Can you please add support for replacing variables (like %[userNI]) in the menuitem NAMES So we can arrange our menus to have menuitems named (titled) with custom variables like user nicks/ips/etc Something like this: http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/209/surel1.png Thanx in advance.