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  1. Hellooooow

    OK, apparently there's no Introduction thread/forum :(
  2. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    What's the hub address? Maybe I'm overlooking...
  3. Huh?

    I have to disappoint you, that doesn't work either. But normally you have to put in your router IP (which in my case ends with "2") I also have AntiVir (which isn't really a firewall I guess)
  4. Huh?

    It's set to 1414, the screenshot is too scrambled to see. That didn't work.
  5. Huh?

    Nope, doesn't work. I have WinXP firewall enabled (with ApexDC enabled in Exceptions tab) but I suppose that doesn't have to do with anything. I don't see what else I can do... (perhaps I should've posted this one as well, I use firewall with port forwarding)