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  1. Huh?

    Hopefully final update: ApexDC++ is up and running like a charm DU Super Controller was my problem. Thx everyone for your assistance and guidance, I really appreciate it and I owe you big time :lol:
  2. Huh?

    OK, everything is alright except, I can't search/download anything. What seems to be the problem? :)
  3. Huh?

    I only can select one option in the drop-down menu: "Always blocking"
  4. Huh?

    Euhm any idea how to set up? lol. I don't know what they mean by [number] ~ [number]. Also, I only can select one option ("Always blocking") on my Scheduling Rule (Ref. Schedule Rule Page): EDIT: the Help function on my router isn't very clarifying :)
  5. Huh?

    When I click Add PC it says: (Part 1) (Part 2)
  6. Huh?

    My router firewall is disabled by default. When enabling a second pop-up menu appears...
  7. Huh?

    I already stated that both ports were connected. It has worked before with DC++ 0.691 (but it resulted in the same effects as with ApexDC++). Regardless of which client I use, it has to work. I'm not giving up.
  8. Huh?

    * TCP and UDP ports are connected * My external WAN/IP is correct Still doesn't work... Maybe I have to delete my TLS? I also noticed a size of -1b while trying to download a filelist (every filelist has that same size). I upgraded to the 1.0.0 B5 version.
  9. Huh?

    Isn't it possible to setup WITHOUT DNS?
  10. Huh?

    OK, I did what Ashar said, except for configuring the TCP/IP stuff in my I'net connection. That wasn't really necessary, BUT... I got a few search results on the word "Armin van Buuren" (which is a famous trance DJ and I'm connected to the ASOT hub and Microdots) which means I should get at least 2000 results (even more), I only got 380. My second attempt on searching for something else failed, and I'm back where I started: hubs suddenly disconnecting me (ping timeout, or something, "the external host has lost the connection" (translated in English)) /gasps
  11. Huh?

    I downloaded "No IP" but I have absolutely no idea how to work with it EDIT: apparently I created a host The host klinsk.no-ip.biz resolving to has successfully been added to our system. New additions will take up to 5 minutes to become live on our DNS servers. :)
  12. Huh?

    My IP on whatsmyip.com is always something different. But I'm gonna try this stuff tomorrow. Taking a nap and getting ready for work :D
  13. Huh?

    Yeah well, when I clicked "Find Static IP address", he changes the numbers to 146 - 150. Isn't that the whole idea? What purpose is it setting up a static IP when you should just use your IP address? ( in my case)
  14. Huh?

    UPDATE!!! When visiting portforward.com I also learned that by port forwarding your router you must set up a static IP. Here is the outcome... (sorry for the large images, but I only can adjust it with MSPaint and it always screw things up) RESULT: still doesn't work. GOOF: the LAN IP address on portforward begins with 192.168.2.x while mine starts with 192.168.1.x
  15. [World Languages] Dutch

    OK, Zlobomir, start banning me already :crying:
  16. [World Languages] Dutch

    Anyone Dutch in here? (except me, well I'm from Belgium but I talk Dutch haha, actually Flemish but I understand ppl from the Netherlands) Since there are Bulgarian and Icelandic languages (which raises a big WTF?! sign over my head), the Dutch language is a priority imo.
  17. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    Aren't the developers on here?
  18. [World Languages] Dutch

    I'm not trying to flame on Bulgarian people :crying: I was just wondering... Dutch may be not a world language but you can find Holland ppl everywhere. They're like a virus. /flames some more on his neighbours EDIT: Dutch is an easy language :P
  19. Huh?

    About my previous screenshots, the ports 1414 are already in use according to the Wikipedia UDP/TCP portlists.
  20. Connecting...

    I'm not quite sure where you're going with this, but I suggest you check if there's a firewall blocking any ports, and checking if the ports you - assumbly- forwarded are not already taken.
  21. Huh?

    No changes whatsoever *sigh*...
  22. Hellooooow

    Hi! My name is Yannick, 24, from Belgium :)
  23. Huh?

    Well, I'm gonna screw some more with ApexDC++, let's keep our fingers crossed.
  24. Huh?

    Please no off-topic discussions in this thread Do I have to put a number in the TLS box perhaps? I'm honestly stunned, I've tried tons of things. I never should've formatted my computer and remember how I did it before lol...