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  1. finally found the error! i had crappy dns-servers in my internet connection data and they didn´t work properly! changed everything works fine!

    this could be a problem of more people asking for help concerning dyndns...


  2. thxxx for your answer.

    yes of course i have a prefix of this :(

    i´m using speedport w700v and actually it has the feature to update my ip via i said it works perfectly for my the moment i´m using the dydns-client and this works too.

    only apex updates the ip exactly one time...after i filled in my hostname in wan-address field...but if my ip changes again it doesn´t update anymore and i get "your client delivered wrong ip...".

    it seems crazy...impossible and i´m really running mad...:(


  3. thank you very much for your answer! this prevented more nervous breakdowns to come :) in fact there is possibility to have your ip updated once it has changed?

    hmmm...i know i will be beaten for this question but: is there another dc-client that is capable to handle dynamic dns properly? although i´d like to use apex further on...

    so far, thxxx for your help and have a nice day (night?)...


  4. thxxx for your quick answer!

    yes. tried with my router first; then switched to dyndns-client but didn´t work either. signed up at no-ip and used their client and it´s exactly the same thing, the address updates once a time and then never again and apex uses the old ip. of course i tried it with several reconnects and so i have to open an extra port for the client or do i have to add a certain prefix before my hostname? ftp-server running perfectly on my system...but after some time it is not longer connectable by myself (except with internal lan ip)...but stays connectable for others! somewhere in the web tjis was called "loop-back-problem" or so...

    of course i tried also different clients...but none worked (and they´re all ugly in comparison to apex *g) slowly gets kinda annoying...:)

    thxxx again for your help!


  5. sounds crazy but my apex-client updates the ip one time and that´s it. if my ip changes later apex is not able to resolve the proper ip from the hostname.

    this is what i get: Your direct connect client has supplied an invalid IP address in a connection request (client sent xxxxxxxxx, you have xxxxxxx)

    the first ip (client set..)is always the old one...ip does simply not update...

    maybe anyone can help? i´m using no-ip at the moment and tried dyndns before but it also didn´t work.