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  1. Can't see some bots in a hub

    As I said in my original post, yes I can. That's pretty much the whole problem :w00t:
  2. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Hello, this is an odd one... One of the hubs I am in has some very helpful bots, but I cannot see them in the list. Also, when they do a message in the channel, I cannot get right-click options on them like I can from some of the bots I CAN see, and usernames and all that... If I login to this hub using an old DC++ client, I can see and interact with these bots that are "invisible" to me in ApexDC. Also, this is happening the same way to many people who are using clients that are not straight-up DC++ itself. I'm pretty sure this is not an Apex issue, but something with the way the bots are done, based on what I have just spelled out above. I have found no setting in Apex that will allow me to see and interact with these invisible bots. I can't even pm them with commands from the command line. It's like they really are not there, yet I can see their messages. Quite odd. Anyway, the person in charge of the bots is a friend and he has no idea why they are not visible to some other clients. I post this in the hopes that someone understands why this is happening and can tell me how to fix it, because many of you are smart about a lot more than just ApexDC The hub is running 1.0.25 of the NeoModus Direct Connect Hub Software, if that helps! Many thanks in advance! -ata PS: Admins feel free to move this if it's too far off topic.
  3. Can't see some bots in a hub

  4. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Well, I figured one thing out... When using ApexDC, only OPs can see the bots. Non op accounts using Apex can't see them. Not sure if that helps at all... I really don't want to have to change clients, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know Thanks in advance!
  5. Can't see some bots in a hub

    All I have in there for bots is "Ignore private messages from bots" and that is UNCHECKED.
  6. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Here is where I am looking. I looked at them all and scrolled down to the bottom. All I see about bots is the "don't send away message"
  7. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Ok, where exactly is this setting? When we were going down the other night making sure all settings were changed, I don't recall seeing this one... MANY THANKS!
  8. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Um, bump? ;)
  9. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Ok, here are 2 screenshots of what I see when I am in the hub, and what my friend sees when he is in the hub. I can't see the code depository and project management bots or the Infobot, which can be queried by all users (local and offshore coders) for different informational messages and stats. I went through EVERY setting in ApexDC with my friend last night, and everything is identical, right down to the versions we were using, both downloaded from the same place. Took a while, but didn't change anything Maybe these screenshots will help. I don't know I really like the ApexDC client and don't want to switch to what most of our employees use, but I may have to if I can't get this worked out. It's driving me nuts, because I think it may just be something really simple I'm overlooking. At any rate... Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can give. Feel free to reply here or via PM. Thanks!
  10. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Well, I can't seem to get anyone to give me a screenshot so a comparison can be done, so I don't suppose it's going to garner me any help here *sigh*
  11. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Well, still no info on what scripts they are using, but one of the ops is working on this issue. He installed ApexDC and CAN see the bots no problem. What setting could I possibly have changed so that I can not? I really haven't changed a lot of settings...
  12. Can't see some bots in a hub

    Thanks for the tips. I will try to get that info and post it :P
  13. Can't download a certain file list

    Thanks for the replies, but I figured out how to fix it. I deleted my saved list for that user. Then, I just searched for something that I knew she had, and started to download it. Obviously it did the file list first, and once it had done that, I was able to open it locally and select more things. Then I closed it and downloaded just the list again, and it worked normally. Weird. Different topic, but on that same user I am getting constant "TTH Inconsistency" messages and it will just hang on a file. Only adding it here because it MIGHT be related, and you all know more about this than me. Well, I'm off to search the forums for a solution to the TTH message... Thanks again for the replies! :P
  14. Can't download a certain file list

    Hi All! I am in a hub and I can get file lists from everyone, with the exception of one user. I was able to get her file list last week just fine, as I was downloading some things. Now every time I try to get it, it starts to load (opens new window, gives wait message at bottom), then just vanishes. The exact same thing happens when I try to open the copy of her list stored locally. I have deleted the stored list, and restarted the client, rebooted the computer, etc, and it still does the same thing. Other hub users can get her list OK. It is not a size issue, because I can download and view lists twice as big as hers with no problems. ANY idea on what could be causing this, and how to fix it? Many thanks in advance! :)
  15. Only share certain folders with certain hubs

    Ah cool, thanks for link! :)
  16. I have done some searching but could not find this anywhere, so am making this (probably stupid) hypothetical post.... I have a folder named GRUE. I am on 2 hubs; FOO and BUF. GRUE contains files I ONLY want people from FOO to be able to see in my file list/searches and download. I do not want the people on BUF to be able to see, search or download GRUE at all. Is this possible with ApexDC? I have been using DC for years; utilizing many different clients and servers, and I have never run across a way to do this in any settings. In fact, based on what I know about DC in general, it seems that this cannot be done "by design," as it were. However, I could be wrong, so that is why I am making this post. I am sure there is some brilliant person out there who can answer my question, and perhaps also provide the "why." Many thanks in advance for the help! :thumbsup: -Jason
  17. Only share certain folders with certain hubs

    That's cool man... I was relatively sure that the answer was no after hashing it around with some buddies who use different DC clients also seeming to lack this option, but I figure it couldn't hurt to post it on the official forums, as it were. Yeah, the lack of things DC++ was what drove me to ApexDC anyway, and I've been happy :)
  18. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    Ok I just got the notice that 1.0.1 was out so I upgraded. Just now. Right after I got that "you have old version that might cause problems" popup message. Everything seemed to go okay... Now I can't connect to ANY of my hubs They all hang during the "sending password" part, and eventually timeout... Everything else Internet related on my computer works fine. The settings in my ApexDC are all there and what they are supposed to be... I double checked with an old copy of dc++ that I have on my box and I was able to connect to my hubs, so I know it's the new Apex release. Odds are this can't be JUST happening to me so hopefully someone is working on this. I'm just dead in the water right now DC wise. Any help will be appreciated! Edit: Can I grab 1.0b5 and "downgrade" over the 1.0.1 I just installed or will that make it worse??? Man this is frustrating I feel like it has to be something simple I am overlooking, but I have no idea what Someone please help me! Many thanks in advance! :)
  19. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    That's great... Crossing my fingers and knocking on fake wood here, the "losing connection/unable to connect" bug has not happened to me again yet. If you think you have a fix, more power to you because I got out of software development years ago.. lol:) Now I do not think the BSOD was caused by Apex. Apex also was not the only app to suffer a loss, I lost all my firefox settings as well, for example. I may find even more. It was caused by my hard drive Chalk one up for SMART logs LOL! :thumbsup:
  20. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    What you mention is EXACTLY how it happens to me! First I notice that all my upload/download go to "Connecting..." and at that point I am in some hung up state, unreachable from people in the hubs I am in. Then when I restart, I get hung up at connecting at the "sending password" part until the hub times out on me. Once I tried over and over until it finally worked after the 10th try or maybe more. The other time I walked away for like 15 minutes and then it worked. If you have other people reporting the same thing, then I am so glad that it is NOT just me! There's a real good chance the bluescreen is not related to the connection problem. The bluescreen did not occur WHILE I was having the connection problem. I just thought it was odd that Apex lost all of its settings, but maybe thats a completely different bug or even known issue *shrug*
  21. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    No I cannot. However, I have bluescreened before and not lost all my ApexDC settings, which is what made me wonder. Like I said, I don't know if the two things are even related... I just added it since it was odd... The main bug of not being able to negotiate a hub connection past the password point is the only thing that has happened more than once, so it was duplicated exactly.
  22. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    Ok, now THIS is new... Was using ApexDC and my computer blue screened - the default generic message that tells you nothing. Nothing also in any event logs Got back up and started ApexDC, and nothing happened... I looked and my Favourite Hubs and Favourite users were blank. I checked the XML files in settings. All blank default. LUCKILY I had made that backup of Settings folder since I was thinking of going back to the beta version. I copied back over that Settings folder and got everything back except my download queue :thumbsup: Not sure if this is related to the other problem, but it was a first for me, thats for sure! So unless anyone has any idea about this bug I found, is it possible for me to install the Beta 5 over this 1.0.1 without causing problems? The beta had been working rock-solid for me for quite a while... Many thanks in advance for any help! :stuart:
  23. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    Yeah, that was one of the first things I checked, but my IP has not changed at all. And hey, NavyRet! Small world, LOL! :)
  24. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    Nah, I'm not using Windows firewall or anything like that, and I didn't restart my PC... Yesterday evening, however, it happened again. I was chatting with someone in the ApexDC app and suddenly I noticed all my ups and downs switched from progress bars to "Connecting...." And I was unable to send chats. Nothing I typed showed up. I called my friend who is a hub owner of one of he hubs and as far as he could see I was still logged into the hub, but he couldn't pull my file list or anything like that. I sat there for a while to see if it would maybe start back up, but after like 15 minutes decided to close the client. Then when I restarted it, it did the same thing it had done the other day... Connected to all the hubs, but hung at the sending password part. I closed them all and tried just connecting to one hub, but the same thing. I closed the Apex and opened it a few more times and it was the same. All the rest of my Internet was 100% OK, and I also fired up an older DC++ client and manually connected to one of my hubs and that worked fine. Then I tried the same with ApexDC and same issue still. I tried a few more times and then gave up and went and did something else for a while. Then I came back to the PC and started ApexDC and *POOF* everything was normal, and it's been running normally ever since. Very strange... PS: Willing to run a checked build or something if you think it might help...
  25. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    I don't know what the problem was, really. The 10th time or so that I tried to start it, it stated normally and connected me to all my hubs just like always. I had just got through making a backup copy of my Settings directory before I tried to downgrade and opened it one more time to see, and it worked! A friend of mine said the same thing happened to him on one of the StrongDC updates he added a while back, so we figured since Apex is based off Strong maybe its just some odd bug... At any rate, no more problems at all now. Next time I'll be sure to give it at least 10 attempts before I report a problem LOL! :(