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  1. Can't connect to internet

    On further testing I don't believe this is correct as re-selecting them made no difference. What I believed happened was Apex stopped working at about the time I did a clean install. Reverting back to earlier betas didn't help. Reverting back to 0.4 fixed the problem Subsequent upgrading to 1.01 did not re-create the problem So in summary a clean install of 1.x --> intermittent connection problems Upgrade from 0.4 to 1.01 --> correct function. Not sure why this works but it does for me. Makes me wonder of a default parameter is not being initialised properly on 1.01 Could be the same issue occurring here
  2. Can't connect to internet

    Just to summarise. Things I've found which prevent ApexDC from downloading / Problem check list 1) Write protection in ApexDC program directory. Several logs are stored their by default. If you run from a non administrator account you need to enable read / write access to this directory 2) PC firewall - if unsure temporarily disable it to see if it makes a difference 3) Router firewall - again temporarily disable if there are problems 4) Port forward the ports you specify in settings -> connection settings. Alternatively get upnp to do it but that require it to be enabled on the pc, router and firewalls 5) TLS settings. Defaults to on in ApexDC 1.01 but apparently not widely supported. Disable it by Settings --> advanced --> Security --> De-selected all 3 check boxes Edit 6) Try ApexDC 0.4, seams to be more tolerant. (Disable version update notification via "setup -> advanced -> Don't announce new ApexDC++ versions") If that works then try upgrading from 0.4 rather than clean installing 1.01 Worked for me If anyone else has found other hints then listing them in this or a similar thread is probably useful
  3. You may find this thread relevant
  4. Can't connect to internet

    I have or course done that, and more, which is why ApexDC 0.4 works My understanding is ApexDc uses the following ports 80 to Version check site, IP address changed between 0.4 and 1.x versions 411 (or what ever Hub operates on) User_port: specified in setup, port forwarding TCP/UDP to it required 1024 and above for data transfers, ---(I only allow 1030 and above as lower ports are often used by windows so may pose a security risk) I had the ApexDC TLC setting left at their default from a clean install, which is enabled. If this is incorrect could I suggest the default settings be changed. BTW I am not trying to insult the development team, I'm trying to help make the software more stable.
  5. Can't connect to internet

    I run Windows XP, however when I connect to others running Vista -> vista tries to access my computer via 135 (which I block) Any how I think I may have found the bug 1) Went back to ApexDC 0.4 Error displayed at startup " Unable to open TCP/TLS port. File transfers will not work correctly until you change settings or turn off any application that might be using the TCP/TLS port" However ApexDC 0.4 work properly 2) Disabled the 3 TLS settings in ApexDC 0.4 ApexDC 0.4 still work properly 3) Upgraded to ApexDC 1.01 ApexDC 1.01 appears to be work properly, but still early in testing. Conclusion ApexDC 0.4 tests for TLS connectivity problems and handles them well ApexDC 1.01 does not tests for TLS connectivity problems and connects intermittently is there is a problem. Could be wrong, but that's my current theory Edit TLS settings changed were Settings --> advanced --> Security --> All 3 check boxes de-selected
  6. Can't connect to internet

    My firewall / virus software is Nod32/ ESET Smart Security, so Winfirewall is all ready disabled Nothing comes up in the ESET fire wall log when running ApexDC (logging is enabled) Running my computer without a firewall is not an option I'm interested in persuing. If AdexDC 1.01 is incompatible with a ESET, then ApexDC 1.01 goes. I will try to test it briefly with the firewall option disabled, but that is difficult atm as my hubs are upgrading their software, so need to wait for them to be stable. Billion router is blocking some traffic for me (ports below 1030 except 411) but disabling that clears the Vista entries to port 135 but doesn't fix ApexDC problem
  7. Can't connect to internet

    mmm I don't understand what you are asking or where to look to find the requested information. I just connect to the hub (which works) and try to download a file (which keeps timing out). Uploads from me work fine. Hope this helps CDM Debug Messages from startup CDM_Debug_Messages.txt while it successfully resumes uploading to deadant (IP but fails to download from Mojo (IP from either hub Note connected to 2 hubs YnHub version: 1.033 produced by Yoshi and Nev at IP no password used or required PtokaX DC Hub at IP password used and required Edit Note, restarted ApexDC and the next time it worked properly uploading and downloading as shown in this log CDM_Debug_Messages_working.txt
  8. Can't connect to internet

    PtokaX DC Hub appears to have the same problem (difficult to be certain as I didn't use this hub with earlier ApexDC software) Getting ApexDC to emulate DC++ on these hubs doesn't help Theta Version of DSHub however works reliably for me Not sure if it's relevant but Vista attempts to access port 135 when connecting to other users. I usually block this traffic as I don't want all of my locally shared files / printers accessible over the Internet. Temporarily unblocking doesn't help this bug. However I believe the hubs are running Vista whereas I run windows XP professional.
  9. Can't connect to internet

    Other thing I have noticed is if traffic is attempted in both direction it seam to start working also. Note uploads seam to work, downloads (eg get file list) appear to suffer from an intermittent set up error / compatibility problem.
  10. Can't connect to internet

    Not sure if I should have added to this thread instead Done some more testing. Problem goes away when hub runs Theta Version of DSHub I wonder if ApexDC 1.01 is incompatible with non ADC compliant hubs
  11. Can't connect to internet

    Same here Was working well with earlier versions. Upgraded without changing parameters and connection to other users became unreliable. Did a clean re-install and manually re-entered parameters and no improvement. When trying to connect to other users it just times out. Leaving it longer does not help. Have found if I quit out of ApexDC then restart in about 5 seconds, it starts working. Process has to be repeated most times I start ApexDC. I suspect it is a new server incompatibility problem with YnHub version: 1.033 produced by Yoshi and Nev (used by our local servers) BTW I'm running windows XP pro, fully updated Behind a billion 7402vgp firewall / router Manual port forwarding Fixed TCP & UDP ports Fixed external wan IP (my ISP allows free local exchange traffic via a second PVC connection)
  12. If you move several files in the download queue ApexDC 1.01 gets lost after the first file. Selecting a folder tree -> program crash Selecting individual files -> first works, later show new default directory but don't work Manually reselecting download directory for each file -> all work BTW Using window XP professional with all updates, ApexDC 1.01 Program crashed repeatedly, can't find exception report
  13. Move / Rename files in download queue Bug

    Repeated & crashed again Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.0.1 (2008-03-09) Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2008-03-15 19:26:53 exceptioninfo.txt BTW I run ApexDC as an ordinary user not a super user. I have already enabled full read / write access in the program directory
  14. Timestamp in filelists

    Save the filelists after you have looked through them. (create a "Looked at" directory in the "FileLists" directory. You can copy and paste in the "Open file list" dialogue box)) Next time you look, use the subtract command to remove all you have seen before. Works for me. Could be improved by 1) automating the process - so can easily see new files since last time file list was downloaded. 2) ability to aggregate file lists from several users so all files you have seam before can be easily hidden.
  15. Agree I do not however use a scheduled task at startup. I run it from a user account & it seams to work OK. Installed it via the install application. Then just login as that user, start ApexDC then switch users.
  16. User file addition tracking

    Is there an easy way to find the files which have been recently added by a user? To explain, I connect to a hub with less than a dozen users. To see if anything interesting has been added I would like to show the addition since the last time I looked. An added since data function would be good. Otherwise is there an easy way of saving file lists and comparing them when I download a new file list at some later data? Sorry if this has already been covered else where. Had a quick look and couldn't find a similar topic.
  17. User file addition tracking

    Looks like I can answered my own question. View file list of all sites you are interested in tracking changes on. Create a directory in the ApexDC++/settings/filelist/todays_date Copy the file lists to this sub-directory At a later date, get a users new file list Press subtract button and choose their old (saved file list) Presto, you have a list of all the files they have added since you last looked BTW I still think it would be a good idea if ApexDC++ had this inbuilt (saving old file lists rather than deleting them then had a "view new files" button) It would work just like I want to to. :)
  18. User file addition tracking

    If the server side addon is installed, does this allow clients to see what is new or just server operators? If so what is the addon called? As I use a small local hub, software changes maybe possible. Would be good if it added functionality to the client but I'm not sure how that would fit with the client user interface. BTW, how is the "Subtract list" suppose to work when viewing a file list? Will it display what is new if I use this function to subtract what the file list was last time I looked (and saved the file list)?