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  1. Hangs om Startup

    Greetings, it seems I have developed a little glitch with apex 1.0b5 and it just started. Whenever I start the client, it will go through the hash data load, but when it gets to loading the shared files it will hang up and not start. I tried a fresh install, and it hung up again for about 3 attempts, then it finally gave in and started for me. any thoughts on this?
  2. I have a problem with Apex. Please, help me if you can

    don't you just love that?.......haha, believe me your not alone!
  3. Hubs

    Well this may not be the place to ask this .....but, here goes. I have a small hub, and I have been using Ynhub and before that good old Yoshi, it has been good software overall, but here lately it has been acting just a little flaky. I get a lot of time outs and socket errors, and from what I have found out from the forums this can be fairly normal. My question is. are there any of you running Hexhub and if so how does it fair over Ynhub? do you notice a difference in the above mentioned problems? Is it as easy to manage as Ynhub? Guess thats enough questions on that topic, if you wish you can leave me a private message. Thanks in advance and sorry if his is the wrong room for this, but I didn't spot anything in the client discussion.
  4. Hangs om Startup

    Yep that seemed to help out....I wonder if that happens because of an un-expected shut down of the client . I'll keep an eye on it and see if there is a ryhme or reason to it. Thanks dude.
  5. What do you download?

    Since peerweb first came out and for every release of Apex I have downloaded well over 500gb of legal live music and up loaded well over a TB. and like Satan said, as soon as I get the perfect connection, there will be mucho more downloads and up's. Keep em comin
  6. stats

    I posted a request over in the client discussion, I see that it may not have been the place to do so. I am trying to find out if there is a way to get apex to read the below statistics....I know it displays it's own version when you type /stats it gives these statistics. [ ApexDC++ 1.0.0B4 Compiled on: 2007-08-07 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 3 hours 38 min 59 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:00:25 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 10.37 MB (33.79 MB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 26.05 MB (28.45 MB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 247.26 kB ][ Uploaded: 383.16 MB ]=- -=[ Total download: 150.89 GB ][ Total upload: 573.41 GB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 3 hours 52 min 3 sec ]=- -=[ CPU Clock: 2004.545689 MHz ]=- Now I have another client that I have used that had a little more detail in it's stats command see below. [> Session uploaded: 1.74 KiB [> Session downloaded: 18.96 KiB [> Total uploaded: 82.75 GiB [> Total downloaded: 38.60 GiB [> Ratio (up/down): 2.14 [> Client uptime: 0:05:52 [> Current time: 20-08 22:50 [> Memory usage: 20.08 MiB [> Processor speed: 2004 MHz is there a way to get the ratio and session uploads and downloads into our fine client, cause we all know we have the best client out there....keep up the great work guys, this thing keeps getting better all the time.
  7. Can't get file list

    Bring it on.....I am a true blue apex kinda guy...Great Client!
  8. Can't get file list

    Greetings, I am using 1.0.0b4 and have not had a single problem, this morning however, it quit getting file list, at first I thought my ip had changed , but after extensive checking all the settings are correct and the ports are where they should be. This is not just a case of being able to get passive files. or active, it will not get any, all I get is timeouts. If I check the connection though it shows a clear path to both tcp and udp ports....... So guess what I am saying is HELP!
  9. Can't get file list

    You may be right on the hub side, because it only did it in one hub....mine unfortunately....Good Old Ynhub.
  10. Can't get file list

    Ok I found out what the glitch was on this, and I will pass along what I found, just in case someone else is having an issue with this. I found that I was able to get list in other hubs. so what I did was create a new account for the hub I was having problems with, and deleted the old settings and it worked like a champ. There is another thing that may have been mentioned before, but if not here it is. When you enter the IP address into the favorite settings make sure that you type it in by , not cut and paste, and the same with the hub address. We have had issues do to cutting and pasting in our hub with apex, which for the most part is the client of choice. You guys are doing great, been using this client since it first came out as peer web and never went back to another client. Tanks for all the hard work and the good client. Good wishes for the holidays to everyone. Peace jeff
  11. Vonage

    I get kind of the same problem with packet8 Voip service. Although most of the time what happens is the person on the other end gets a bad echo when they speak. packet8. I have found the only way to get around this is just to shut the client down, while I am on the phone. I have also found this to be the case with Skype, however Skype works better for me than the voip most of the time. If there is someone who can find a good workaround for this, he/she would be praised highly for sure. peace
  12. failed port mapping

    I am getting this error whenever I start up the client v 1.0.0b4. [Failed to create port mappings. Please set up your NAT yourself] Any thoughts on this, it does not seem to effect anything. As soon as I close it the client starts and runs fine. thanks
  13. failed port mapping

    The ports are open in my router, like i said there is no issue with connecting at all, I just get the error and click ok. Both udp and tcp ports are working great on port 8889. XP fire wall is turned off, everything goes through my router, and I have no problems connection to a user, active or passive, and no one has a problem connecting to me. It just seems to be a issue with the error nag itself. thanks
  14. stats

    thanks guys...yes I know the commands, it is the detail of the stats that I am wondering about, ratio and session uploads and downloads . thanks again
  15. Messages in main

    look in settings read down to the windows Icon, check open pm messages in their own window. these settinga are all in the center window on the right called window options...good luck
  16. raw commands

    Learn to type you old duffer!
  17. raw commands

    Ok heres one for ya guys. When I type /stats in my hub, which runs on ynhub software, I get my client stats right? i.e =[ ApexDC++ 1.0.0 B3 Compiled on: 2007-07-25 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 1 day 4 hours 49 min ][ Cpu time: 0:15:09 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 28.24 MB (52.82 MB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 39.86 MB (48.14 MB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 906.66 MB ][ Uploaded: 2.16 GB ]=- -=[ Total download: 132.50 GB ][ Total upload: 538.10 GB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 3 days 13 hours 21 min ]=- -=[ CPU Clock: 2004.546203 MHz ]=- Now here is one that I would like to add to that, if it can be written in somewhere. [> Session uploaded: 11.41 GiB [> Session downloaded: 5.35 GiB [> Total uploaded: 1.37 TiB [> Total downloaded: 243.68 GiB [> Ratio (up/down): 5.77 Does any know if that can be added to the command /stats that currently exist now for apex, if so perhaps you would be willing to let me know as a complete code dunce how to do it. Thanks in advance
  18. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 3

    ok, was clicking thats what gave me the blank page, however used ie, and much to my chagrin, just cause I had to use ie. it worked, got the installer now, the full meal deal one....thanks
  19. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 3

    yes I am getting the zero byte one for sure, and when i try that link i get a blank page....very strange day for me in web world
  20. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 3

    this is great, glad to see the up gradeam getting the installer.exe file and when i try to install i get a error saying apex DC++ installer.exe not a valid windows program......zup witht hat, anyone else getting that? HELP!! ...lol
  21. Apex working good

    I just want to add my 2 cents worth on the stability and reliability of Apex as a whole. I see a lot of post here in the forums about crashes and bugs within Apex. I run a Hub and am in 4 hubs, I have tried just about every client there is out there, and have for many years. The last client I used before trying out , first peer web and then Apex was Strong buid Rc8. I have to say that with all but one build of Apex I have had absolutely no problems with any of the builds. I recommend it to every noob on my our hub. Mainly for it's ease of set up and use. Not to mention it's ease on resources. I do notice however that, it varies from user to user and I suppose machine to machine basis...Some folks it just does not work for, but the same goes for other clients...Mine is issues with any dc++ mod. But as for myself I have nothing but good luck with Apex. The only thing I could wish for now, is that we get a good full featured OP version out soon. Keep up the good work guys.