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  1. I just got this message while logging into an adcs hub, after reconnect it worked ... can anyone tell me what it means?

    [16:54:17] *** Your client doesn't support both BASE and TIGR, update your client
    [16:54:17] *** Drücke den "Redirect folgen" Button für eine Verbindung mit dchub://
    [16:54:17] *** Verbindung beendet

  2. Hello folks,

    I'ts been a while since I posted in this forum. I just wanted to say that I've replaced the bmp's in this Emopack with png's you can also view nicely on dark backround. This is the final version of this Emopack, so if you want to use it, feel free :)

    greetz, Lizard


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  3. U need either get active which means u have to forward two ports in your NAT (Router-Firewall / Network Adress Translation) or switch to passive in settings. Most Hubs have guides for getting active.

  4. it doesnt,i even modified the field <HubFrameWidths type="string"> in the config. and again it does not stay set to 100 width

    I think, it should be this part of the favorites.xml (for each Hub):



  5. So with that being said, Im with toast and BM on this one. Leave dc and never come back.

    You can't urge him to leave DC++, but he has to obey basic rules, preventing users from downloading is simply not the purpose of DC++

    If you (Iranmaster) feel like your internet connection is too slow for uploading you should consider reducing your sharesize or getting a faster internet connection

    That's my personal opinion about it

    It's not a problem of ApexDC++


    P.S.: and take that right big toe out of my nose @Iranmaster :thumbsup: