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  1. How to install and use raw commands [Old style]

    Noctis, sorry, it doesn't work the way I'd like to have it, it looks like this: [13:48:54] <#[repørt]> [Kick] diablo wurde gekickt von #[døjø] Grund: Verbotene Datei freigegeben: 1 My RAW looks like this: $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> Du wurdest gekickt! Grund: %[userCS]|<%[myNI]> !kick %[userNI] %[userCS]|
  2. How to install and use raw commands [Old style]

    thx very much! :)
  3. How to install and use raw commands [Old style]

    Is it possible to add path and file name to the message when a user gets kicked or banned, like DCDM++ style? I tried before and my raws only displayed something like this: User was kicked by **** - 1 forbidden file [filename] Like no path and no comment ... but this was in beta or 0.4.0 Could anybody help me?
  4. With Apex the CPU usage with Media Player Classic seems to be reduced to about 35% (Pentium IV - 3GHz) but my question is, isn't this still a bit too much? At the mom I'm still experiencing up to 85-90% :-( hope you are able to fix this! Thx!
  5. Hello everybody, I got a problem with Media Player Classic from K-Lite Codec Pack. While Apex is running and MPC playing on top of Apex I got CPU usage up to 75% (P-IV 3GHz)!! When Apex is minimized it goes down to about 10%. I used the same player with DCDM++ and had no such problems. Can anybody help me? greetz (Maybe also a bug)
  6. Downloads stall

    Same problem here, sometimes all downloads stop at once simultaneously and won't resume till a restart of Apex. Should be a bug, I think ...
  7. Apex Speed Mod

    Hello everybody, I recently tested the Apex Speed Mod, and one feature seemed pretty helpful for me. It has an option to grant the ones you're downloading from an extra slot. I think this is not a bad idea. Maybe it could be implemented in Apex DC++ too. greetz, Lizard
  8. Apex Speed Mod

    ... and yes, you're right Zlobomir, a stable client is prio #1 ... but by the way, I haven't had any crashes, since I use Beta 3, the only thing I recognized was, that my downloads were interrupted from time to time, like all downloads stopped at once simultanously, so I had to restart Apex for the downloads to carry on. ... unfortunately I have no clue of coding ...
  9. Apex Speed Mod

    Yes, I know, I had just this one feature in mind ... sorry about that ...
  10. Status: Where is my Beta 3?

    where to get the new design? ahh ok, design of the forum ... ... I've been thinking of the toolbar in Beta 3, so don't mind :)
  11. Hello everybody, I'd like to have my Apex kicking with filename and full path in the kick message just like DCDM++ Style. I think this is pretty helpful for the users! Besides a same connection per IP limit would be nice because of antiflooding it helped me before with DCDM++ thx, Lizard P.S.: Awaiting the OP Version :)
  12. thx for your help :)