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  1. I just got this message while logging into an adcs hub, after reconnect it worked ... can anyone tell me what it means? [16:54:17] *** Your client doesn't support both BASE and TIGR, update your client [16:54:17] *** Drücke den "Redirect folgen" Button für eine Verbindung mit dchub:// [16:54:17] *** Verbindung beendet
  2. IPv6 support?

    Will there be IPv6 support in future versions?
  3. RegExp in Search

    ok thx anyway ...
  4. RegExp in Search

    Maybe it would be possible to add RegExp as filetype in Search as an option!
  5. RegExp in Search

    It was just an idea, because it would make it easier for Operateros to search for forbidden files, like in ADL Search. That was all it was about!
  6. slow downloads kick

    is it possible to implement slow downloads kick? When downloading filelists, it's very annoying when u have slow (300 Bytes e.g.) downloads ...
  7. Logan Emo Pack

    Hello folks, I'ts been a while since I posted in this forum. I just wanted to say that I've replaced the bmp's in this Emopack with png's you can also view nicely on dark backround. This is the final version of this Emopack, so if you want to use it, feel free greetz, Lizard Logan.rar
  8. Logan Emo Pack

    Hello everybody, I could propose an Emo Pack, which I made from an Emo Pack for Miranda for my personal use! Let me know, if you want to have it! :)
  9. Logan Emo Pack

    Version 2.2 :whistling: This is probably the last changes I did to this EmoPack. I like 2.2 better than 2.1 somehow, maybe someone can give me a feedback which one is better. :rolleyes:
  10. Logan Emo Pack

    Version 2.1 Enjoy! :thumbsup:
  11. Logan Emo Pack

    This is the latest and probably the last version of this EmoPack. Enjoy! :D
  12. Ab Kopfzeile wird nichts angezeigt

    könnte an deinem Windows Vista Ulti 64bit liegen ...
  13. Apexdc con umts

    speed depending on your connection ---> u just need to allow the applications in your local firewall, but u probably need to switch to passive connection or direct connection in DC++ if direct connection and / or passive connection don't work u'll probably have to live with passive connection or respectively a low ID, which shouldn't affect your download speed. regards
  14. help please

    U need either get active which means u have to forward two ports in your NAT (Router-Firewall / Network Adress Translation) or switch to passive in settings. Most Hubs have guides for getting active.
  15. Segment downloading annyoing

    "search for alternative sources" should be checked imho. I had that always checked even in 0.674 or earlier. So if you got a source which has no slots available it uses automatically a source which has a slot available.
  16. Segment downloading annyoing

    choose another client or set disabled.
  17. it's meant to readd sources to download queue for several files at once, not needing to to readd every single file, if you have a movie consisting of 60 rar files e.g.
  18. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    the log's are saved on your Computer only, and can be read only by yourself if no one else has got access to your Computer. Wrong thread by the way.
  19. it's because of segment downloading .. the client uses unfisnished files already for uploading, so you don't have to be concerned about this .. correct me if I'm wrong :P
  20. 10,000 members

    host a hub :P
  21. nick field width problem

    I think, it should be this part of the favorites.xml (for each Hub): HeaderWidths="266,63,115,316,260,75,210,70,70,100,40,40,40,40,40,121,273,70,100,100,100,1 06,100"
  22. nick field width problem

    if you move the separator to the left, it should stay ay wide as you set it ...
  23. IPGaurd Question

    You can still use external Peer Guardian Software, if you feel like using it: You find it here
  24. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    no it just seemed like, what you are doing with that feature is your personal thing ...