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  1. Best Anti-Virus solution

    Until recently i wasn't running any antivirus or firewall software, when i realised how dangerous that is. Now im running Comodo FW, Windows FW, Avira and MS Security Essentials. As backup scans i have AVG and Malwarebytes installed. No antivirus software was able to remove all the different threads, so it's better to have a few installed. Some trojans even require a special removal tool.
  2. Hallo und willkommen im Forum für ApexDC Hier könnt Ihr Fragen zur Funktionsweise oder über die Einrichtung von ApexDC stellen. Wenn Ihr bestimmte Eigenschaften bisher vermisst habt, dann fragt hier einfach danach. Ich hoffe mal, dass jemand was schreibt auch wenn Ihr alle perfekt englisch könnt :thumbsup: Viel Spass mit Apex
  3. Bedeutung von DHT

    DHT steht für Distributed Hash Table. Es macht ApexDC theoretisch unabhängig von Servern. Jedenfalls was das Suchen und Herunterladen von Dateien betrifft.
  4. Apex lädt im hintergrund

    Hallo giedeon, was du beschrieben hast, ist sehr ungewöhnlich und mir noch nicht passiert. Bist du sicher, dass du nicht aus Versehen eine Datei heruntergeladen hast? Wenn das noch einmal passiert, gucke mal, was im Download - Fenster angezeigt wird.
  5. DHT Cloud is Growing

    Some years back my client of choice was Revconnect and that one had Kademlia built in. So the concept can't be that new or surprising. In no way is it to "violate pre-existing user expectations of the software". It's great the see the feature having a comeback. Well done BM and ofc it should be on as default.
  6. sharing files

    Have you clicked on My Computer and selected a drive?
  7. Deutsche Sprachdatei

    Danke :)
  8. Ab Kopfzeile wird nichts angezeigt

    Also hast du schon andere Clients ausprobiert? Wenn nicht, versuche eine Apex Neuinstallation. Edit: hattest du irgendetwas an deinem System verändert?
  9. Ab Kopfzeile wird nichts angezeigt

    Sieht aus, als wärst du zu keinem Hub verbunden.
  10. Someone told me, i would be the only user having this problem.
  11. 1.1 Beta Details

    You guys doing a great job over a long period of time. Thanks for that :P
  12. Blocking users

    Yep its a sharing proggy .. thats why i want to block 0 share users from downloading off me.
  13. Leidiges Thema Gerechte Verteilung

    Du kannst sehen, wer deine Dateien in der Warteschleife hat (Upload Queue oder wartende User). Wenn jeder entscheiden könnte, ob er zu einem User hochladen lä
  14. Apex und Magnetlink's

    Hi orbis was den Magenet link so lang werden lässt, ist der darin enthaltene TTH (damit Apex überhaupt wei
  15. IP Updater

    We need an updater in the 1st place.
  16. IP auto update

    Hello all, my ISP disconnects me every 12-15 hours, then i auto reconnect again while my client is still running and i get another IP. To continue my downloads its very crucial for me to have an IP auto update every 10-20 minutes (not only when i restart my client). I think Zion has a box for auto-updates every 10 mins. That would be a very usefull feature for me. Thnx for the great client Regards Teo
  17. IP auto update

    Still having the same problem . There are even hubs not letting me back in after my IP changed. And in those hubs i can get back in, my downloads wont resume. The conclusion is .. i cant keep ApexDC running like my other p2p programs (which are all updating the IP everytime it changes). So .. is there any chance to get such an updater? Regards Teo
  18. Fair Download speeds for everyone

    I think this idea aint bad. How about a secondary limiter which goes per user (additionally to the global limiter)? So the faster downloader wont use all the bandwidth and leave only a tiny rest for the others. EDIT: Probably not as great as i first thought
  19. Stunning new Chat Program

    You can disable the Avatars on certain webpages (like google, because its simply too busy there). And they have way better Avatars than the ones shown on their website (you can upload your own too). And u can put the avatars on your windows taskbar .. so they dont disturb as much reading the site. *LOL* too bad you're such a big Opera fan ;)
  20. Stunning new Chat Program

    Hiya peeps there is a new chat program .. which i find absolutely amazing. Its called Weblin (www.weblin.com) It makes you and others visible as small avatars on webpages. If there are others on the same webpage you are on right now, then u can chat (private and open) with them. Thats great for special interest websites (like gaming or other tech sites). If u got questions etc. So if you gonna check it out .. i'll be here on ApexDC with my Avatar Teobald (little green dragon). p.s. its absolutely free (and im in no way involved lol)
  21. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    Hi guys could you pin this guide? Its the most important guide for new users.
  22. Hi [T] = TTH tree available (file is being verified during the download) [Z] = transfer compressed using ZLIB [R] = rollback used for continuation = trusted encrypted transfer [C] = chunked transfers (not there yet) = untrusted encrypted transfer [P] = partial file sharing sourceen habe ich im Moment noch keine Antwort ..
  23. Your South Park Avatar

    Hey at least one friendly looking character .. all the others looking absolutely mental lmao *just kidding*. :(
  24. Your Simpsons Avatar

    Hey peeps you can create your own Simpsons Avatar here http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/ :thumbsup: The pic shows how i'd look like in the simpsons