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  1. Tab row height=row height in Transferview

    The row height dependent on visible client paint area... I wouldn't like that kind of feature...another if clause to use more resources. I remove the transfer graphs anyway, no thanx :)
  2. Hi, this feature would be very nice. If not in the fake detector...another possibility could be on the favorite hubs properties dialog...then could user limit the continous checking per hub. Then there would be a possibility to add the MyInfo detector in the application settings. Image from the Zion++ Blue Client
  3. it seams to work randomly :stuart: sometimes it works and sometimes not...maybe it is ynhub bug *kröhöm* Nev would say it is a feature So forget this topic :whistling: and we wait for the official release of YnHub
  4. because your version is not 1.035 or 1.036...the +history command acts as own made textcommand...In the theese newer versions you can't see neither modify the +history command in the ynhub settings. something strange must take a look at the command again when I get from work... back to Visual Studio.NET 2005 and correct own bugs :stuart: <<<<
  5. Yes the other commands works but not history on this damn buggy YnHub 1.036 :stuart:
  6. how nerdy are you?

    23% scored higher (more nerdy), and 77% scored lower (less nerdy). Well, well...I am not neard enough...but they did not ask about where did you get your girlfriend...answer is I got it from a one DC++ I can't be more nerd, because I got a girlfriend :stuart:
  7. Apex DC++ speed mod

    yep there is modifications going on every where..someones are doing by self at the own dark basement with much pepsi and microwave pizza's and are looking on someones code that have been made with same is a recursive mod. Some cases the development are more organized like this project (I hope )...but still much pepsi and pizza are involved heh Take good features of the old client's which has been is wise...don't need to invent the bicycle again...and when the good (not the bad) features has been added from the old clients...then it's the time to invent some new it will done in ApexDC++ client ;)
  8. I think this answer is little bit beside the topic but because of ( ) is not working currently and people are asking all the here is a small list where you can find hubs. Adding: Public hubs ---> Configure ---> Add Note: When you add a hublist in your client, check that you don't have spaces before or after the address. It will prevent the list from loading. ADDRESSES : ADC hublist which is the default hublist in the latest versions, you can join the hubs only with 0.691 or newer client Many hubs, is being updated often Quite a few hubs, is being updated often Many hubs, is being updated often, server has a slow connection, shows where the hubs are located Many hubs, is being updated seldom, shows hub's countries, limits and total shares
  9. hehe...source, build or whatever still waiting :)
  10. Hi, nice client but can't move from Zion++ Blue completely to Apex because of few properties...nowadays using both apex and zion. I wanna throw the zion to the recycle bin, because it is using to much computer resources, so here comes my suggestions which would help me to throw the Zion client away Feature Requests RegExp ADL Search possibility (checkbox to ADL Search properties window if user are using regexp) for example preteen **** -> ban (?:incest?|porn|illegal|rape|sexy|r@ygold|animal).*?pre.?teen[^.]*\.(?:avi|mpg|mpeg|mov|jpg|gi$|asf|zip)$|pre.?teen.*?(?:sexy?|porn|illegal|rape|incest|r@ygold|animal)[^.]*\.(?:avi|mpg|mpeg|mov|jpg|gi$|asf|zip)$ RegExp tester in the properties window (textbox and match button to test if the written ADL search string is written ok) checkbox to the favourite hub properties window -> check user on join choose which hubs the ADL search will affect. Now it searches on every hub. This feature would reduce the resources use. -Jänkhä Coder-
  11. Stop Mainchat

    I have small and big hubs open all the time...about 50 hubs. I speak at almost every hub daily...but I am AD, SU or OP mostly at those what would I know about normal users problems nice feature though...but never will I use it.
  12. nice...hmm...where is my alpha version :blink:
  13. let's have a silence...good closing for this topic :)
  14. First of all, sorry that you are not used to my direct speaking is it not meant to be is only me and my straight speaking. Friends I am perfect Zlobomir...I can't do nothing additions to that anymore So I have a good self esteem. Crise was thinking maybe it will be or maybe it will not: answer to first question: Can't say program names...because of concealment agreement's. But that I can say that the biggest software project that I have been...the budget has been bigger than Finland's gross national product. ps: nice to see active forum always...interested in this project because of many things...the A4 paper wouldn't be enough to explain why...but always a creative open source thing is the kernel has been -Donec eris sospes, multos numerabis amicos. Tempora si fuerint nubila, solus eris.-
  15. Zlobomir that was the thing what I wrote and Greg sorry at beforehand...there are only stupid people and wise ones and even there are people who can read and understand at the same time...hopefully your wife understands. I have made programs at my entire life and I must say if you are one of the developers or staff <<< this one at the forum at your nick info describes I must say that...excuse me if I visited at your forum...I believed that here are some coder's who want's to develope some great stuff... Many greetings to the project manager...keep on the good work even if there are coming negative feedback....and I must say I know what is it to be a project manager in a software project :)