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    We have pushed a small update out to fix two issues found in previous versions. First is the introduction of a 60 second time interval for sending the amount of free slots in the user list. This should help hub admins find that spare bandwidth they need to reach out to more users. The second fix is the detection of magnet links when they contain bitprints, which are commonly found in G2 magnets.

    Our next major version, 2.0, is on the horizon. We have successfully compiled debug builds to run on Ubuntu, FreeBSD and will be looking to extend that to Mac OS X eventually. We will provide screenshots at some point and then open up a limited beta period for testing. We are still looking for talented icon and graphics designers so get in touch with us if you know somebody.

    Enjoy the snow!

    Download 1.3.9 | Help us with 2.0 and donate