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  1. Remove or Improve Tab Bolding

    When the content of a window changes (eg. someone wrote something in the mainchat) the tab to that window just above the task bar bolds. I just want tabs the same sizes. Not having more then 3 rows would be nice. Clicking unbolds them and makes them smaller. And when the contents change they become wider.
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    740 now This is getting sick... Are these numbers real ? Can this site even handle 1000 IPs ? :| Anyway, thanks.
  3. Universal Smilies .. or something like that.

    Many users regularly use different IM programs (Instant Messaging) on a daily basis. So why not add a check box or a drop-down (like when you choose the language) when you install the program, asking you which smiley pack you'd like to use ? * None (Default) * Yahoo! * MSN * Trilian * Forum style (Not recommended) I think it's a nice ideea, more user-orientated and more user-friendly. You should include this feature in the v1.0 final.
  4. When someone PMs and goes offline you can clearly see a different effect to the tab icon and the tab itself. So why not do this for filelists ? I hate it when a user goes offline after I take his filelist. This are my feature requests: 1. If the user goes offline, then the icon changes and the tab changes just like a regular PM tab. 2. If the user goes offline, fleeing only from the hub that you got his filelist (this could happen), then Apex should check the user's IP, Nick and Share on all the hubs that I'm connected to and partially add a fade effect to the tab and a "half-eaten" icon for it. Mabey some info notifying me that the user fled the hub (or got kicked/banned) and is still present in hub X, Y and Z. Then I would know where to look for, and properly refresh the filelist after a few minutes (or even hours). That given if the user is still running a DC client...
  5. Sharing GUI

    Won't this be easyer ? Mabey even a toolbar button for this window ? I think an icon showing a hdd going through a meat grinder would look nice. :)
  6. Open command when browsing own file list

    Why not a normal right click ? With everything form Explorer including Cut-Copy-Paste-Undo, Properties, Send to Desktop, Scan with anitivirus, Archive, and so on. Mabey even "Open With" or "Rename"... Or at least an option to "Open Containing Folder..."
  7. [Crash] [0.4.0]

    Code: c000001d (Illegal instruction) Version: 0.4.0 (2007-02-02) Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2007-02-06 20:29:39 COMCTL32!0x774132F3: Ordinal384 USER32!0x77D48826: GetDC USER32!0x77D4B4D0: DefWindowProcW USER32!0x77D4B51C: DefWindowProcW ntdll!0x7C90EAE3: KiUserCallbackDispatcher USER32!0x77D4B913: SendMessageW COMCTL32!0x7743CA7A: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x77417F04: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x7741DD04: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x7741ECAA: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x774215BE: Ordinal384 USER32!0x77D48744: GetDC USER32!0x77D48826: GetDC USER32!0x77D4C64F: IsWindowUnicode USER32!0x77D4C675: CallWindowProcW c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\vc\atlmfc\include\atlwin.h(3081): ATL::CWindowImplBaseT<WTL::CPropertySheetWindow=0x0012FA6C,ATL::CWinTraits<1442840576=0x00000000,0> >::WindowProc USER32!0x77D48744: GetDC USER32!0x77D48826: GetDC USER32!0x77D4B4D0: DefWindowProcW USER32!0x77D4B51C: DefWindowProcW ntdll!0x7C90EAE3: KiUserCallbackDispatcher USER32!0x77D48A20: DispatchMessageW w:\work\wtl80\include\atlapp.h(736): WTL::CMessageLoop::Run w:\dev\pwdc\mod\windows\main.cpp(459): Run 0x003500B8: ? ApexDC++ Mod!0x0044BECC: MainFrame::FileListQueue::`scalar deleting destructor' ApexDC++ Mod!0x004676B4: [thunk]:MainFrame::`vector deleting destructor' 0x8351F8E4: ? :)
  8. Custom away for favorite users

    What about: (Ignore all the redness. )
  9. Different filelist tab icon(s) for offline users.

    2 is very possible Trust me. I'm using an Apex mod that's got "Summary user report", even right-clickable. It checks any user to see if he/she is connected to all the hubs that you're connected to. It checks by Nick and Share (not sure about the IP) and it's quite a nifty feature. Donno why Strong and Apex didn't implement this yet...
  10. It think it's userful and much more convenient then right clicking and selecting these options.
  11. Double clicking downloads to 'Force attemp' or..

    Why would I hammer if the download is going smoothly ? Are you the kind of user that disconnects people ? That's why I asked for this feature... So I wouldn't be bothered too much about you disconnecting me. You disconnect ? Ok. Then think of it this way: I double-click, therefore I am. At least I'm faster then you'll ever be. So this could speed up the downloading process, and saving me some time. It'a faster to double click rather then right clicking and selecting "Force attempt". This was bothering me when someone started a stupid disconnect war ! I think some users get the most pleasure when they disconnect uploads, not when they download. It wasn't an external connect so he didn't do this becouse it clogged (or choked) his downloads, it was going at full metro speed @ 2.5 MB/s. I even tryied to limit my download to 500 kB/s so his PC wouldn't lag and hopefully stop disconnecting. Nothing helped. He kept doing it !! PM's didn't help either. In the end he was a jerk (even insulted me that stupid f*cker) so I added his IP to the Peer Guardian's ban list. Great plugin, btw... Lamest user of the week... And it was Tuesday ! So I started this topic because I accidently "Removed user from queue" instead of "Force attempt" because they're right next to each other, I was in a hurry and got lost in the routine. Doing this 30 times in a row could hurt your eyes. Anyway, I had to readd the source and I lost my slot in the time it took to do so. It was Ok, I waited and eventualy the user went offline. I know it's a sad story... But this feature would really be useful !!
  12. ApexDC++ Linux development

    A linux version would be nice. I wonder why DC++ never got ported... The source is there and it's open, so why not do it ? Too much effort ? :)
  13. Autoscroll

    This problem is well known for many years. You're not the first, and you probably won't be the last to inquire about this feature. The original DC developers are well aware of this annoyance and still do nothing about it. This is bothering me too. But what really pisses me off is that the Finished Uploads list scrolls automaticly. Mabey it's harder to do then we think it is. Or mabey they just felt like this wasn't so important and worked on other bugs and problems instead of features. That's why XChat is (probably) the best chatting program ever.
  14. Double clicking downloads to 'Force attemp' or..

    Hammerig is good for the soul. You feed your imagination by hammering on someone. :stuart: What's the point if I'm going to right-click > Force attempt, anyway ? This would be a nice shortcut. Even though the big cheese himself Muscle said hammering's not very nice... I beg to differ. I enjoy hammering almost just as much as french fries or pizza. But that's just me... A timer could be useful too if you're not into hammers. Force attempt every second instead of doing it "instantly" like a pro. :whistling:
  15. PeerGuardian2 and Apexdc PeerGuardian plugin problem

    I once blocked a lamer using proxys :whistling: He was trying to leech something like crazy BY ALL MEANS NECCESSARY even if it meant for him downloading bits (just a little under 1kb/s) ! So I banned about 9-10 "IP Hider" IPs ! Am I gonna go to hell for this ? Probably not... But I do feel better now. The piont is that this sould be done instantly and effecively. If I practice alot and get my timing right, I can "ban IP" someone in about a minute or so. That's not fast enough... Therefore the need of a separate .txt file only with the custom added IPs !
  16. Double clicking downloads to 'Force attemp' or..

    I don't see a "Force connection" option anywhere. Am I blind ? Btw, I thought you were going to suggest Settings - Advanced - User Commands - Add - something speciffic...
  17. PeerGuardian2 and Apexdc PeerGuardian plugin problem

    What if the user deserves it ? Ignoring PM's is just not enough...
  18. no delay when reconnecting to user

    Um, because I PM'd the user and he said so. He doesn't seem to like the fact that I'm downloading stuff. Mabey it's because of the speed lagging his computer and he doesn't know how to (temporarily) limit his bandwidth ? Also, check out the title in this topic: http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=1130 :stuart: Double clicking is fun :)
  19. Right Click on private chat option

    Unless you have a good reason to use them. I always use this Ignore feature ONLY if someone is being a complete jerk. I don't wanna have anything to do with this type of characters. There are A LOT of gypsy people (:stuart:) in my country that can easly obtain money for the ISP instead of a proper education.
  20. PeerGuardian2 and Apexdc PeerGuardian plugin problem

    It takes like 30-45 seconds to open the file (at least on a AMD AthlonXP 1.800 Mhz CPU) - not to meantion the time it takes to SAVE the file... This is a bit frustrating for me as the list keeps getting bigger with every week. So a "custom" ban IP list with only the manually added IP's would be great. By the time I add the IP and save the 7+ MB file, go to Settings and click Reload List then close the user's connection, the upload will be completed. Mabey some right click option on the country flag or progressbar ? Like: User Commands -> Block uploads to this IP User Commands -> Block uploads to this IP with the following message: <and this is where you're prompted for a custom message - something like "My mom said you can't have anything I'm sharing" or "Insult my mom and you get none :stuart:" - or similar >
  21. This may be old news, but what about double clicking the system tray icon to minimize the program away from the taskbar ? Would that work ? uTorrent does it. Why not Apex ? :stuart:
  22. Currently, I think is a bug. Alot of "system-trayed" programs are using this. When I just want a quick preview on how thigs are going I just click it. Then I have to drag the mouse all the way over to the corner of the screen to click the minimize button [ _ ] and that implies alot of work Also, when I stay up all night I'm lazy. Go figure A shortcut would be to click the program in the taskbar once. But sometimes, that's too far as well So I'm one lazy m0fo. Sue me ! My point is that once the icon in the system tray is clicked, and shows the program, another click on it shoud hide it. Or better yet, why does this program have to show up in the taskbar again ? ;)
  23. Right Click on private chat option

    Mabey something like a context menu with check marks for each option. Ignore User's -> Private Messages Ignore User's -> Main Chat Messages Ignore User's -> Downloads (X cannot download from You) Ignore User's -> Uploads (You cannot download from X) Ignore User's -> Searches This would also look good in the Misc section where the user's nick is shown...
  24. Can it be fixed ? Or at least removed...