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  1. Is there a hope having a private chat enabled over DHT with users?

    It would be a great feature.

    Regarding spamming protection you can put in client settings an option "disable/enable PM over DHT" and user will choose or not having PM disabled or not in DHT.

    Best regards!

  2. PMs over DHT were supposed to work, but I disabled this feature later, because I haven't found any possibility to avoid PM spam.

    Ok, but is not fair to disable PM over DHT, you must add some feature options-protections in client regarding spamming, maybe some lua scripts, but please dont DISABLE PM, find a solution keeping private message over dht.

    If I want to chat with the users over DHT how am I supposed to do that?

    Best regards!

  3. I think the version 1.3.4 freeze my system randomly,I cant do nothing except restarting the pc.

    Please investigate this.

    I tested my ram memory and other applications that run in background with apexdc++.I notice that my system doesn't freeze anymore when I don't have apex running.And trough the method of exclusion I think apex freeze my system.

    Before I installed the version 1.3.4, my system was very stable without these freezing symptoms.

    Best regards!

  4. I figure out, no where says that we must create a directory scripts and there put the lua scripts.

    Please, make a pinned topic to inform people about this.

  5. I have apex v.1.3.4, luaplugin v.2.02 how do I load these lua scripts above in the apex. I copied'em in the main directory of the apex, but no success

    Thank you!