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  1. Private Chat over DHT

    Is there a hope having a private chat enabled over DHT with users? It would be a great feature. Regarding spamming protection you can put in client settings an option "disable/enable PM over DHT" and user will choose or not having PM disabled or not in DHT. Best regards!
  2. Private Chat over DHT

    Any news about this?
  3. There is possible to implement a search option window search like "search over DHT"? I understand at this point DHT searches automatically based on TTH only files in Download Queue. It would be nice also to manual search but with keywords in search windows. Thank you! Best regards!
  4. DHT transfers

    Ok, but is not fair to disable PM over DHT, you must add some feature options-protections in client regarding spamming, maybe some lua scripts, but please dont DISABLE PM, find a solution keeping private message over dht. If I want to chat with the users over DHT how am I supposed to do that? Best regards!
  5. [1.3.4]Freezing the system

    I think the version 1.3.4 freeze my system randomly,I cant do nothing except restarting the pc. Please investigate this. I tested my ram memory and other applications that run in background with apexdc++.I notice that my system doesn't freeze anymore when I don't have apex running.And trough the method of exclusion I think apex freeze my system. Before I installed the version 1.3.4, my system was very stable without these freezing symptoms. Best regards!
  6. startup.lua

    I figure out, no where says that we must create a directory scripts and there put the lua scripts. Please, make a pinned topic to inform people about this.
  7. startup.lua

    I have apex v.1.3.4, luaplugin v.2.02 how do I load these lua scripts above in the apex. I copied'em in the main directory of the apex, but no success Thank you!