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    You’re discussing a version of apex which would give operators better control over the hub? This new version will have features applicable to regular users and others which can be simply blocked, so… sounds like a vain idea.

    On the other hand operators would benefit for a revamp of the hub-server, incorporating features of accompanying bots, such as YnHub-server, Masterbot/trivia, G-bot, the ‘Quotes-bot’, usercommand generator and statbot of which I currently have. I would like the resulting complex to give me full control on the hub but without the ability to download fileshares through the client interface, and an ip recording feature which would be much useful as I’m currently on my universities network, so I could map-out its halls, perhaps in addition to the registration list and available in a notepad print-out. And most importantly for us a time-out feature for automatically disconnecting the hub on a specific basis, and this is also applicable to regular users.

    However I can say that an operator’s version should be wholly compatible and synchronous with the hub server itself, in which case you may operate all of the hub-server features via menu-displayed commands in the client if you are feeling lazy or there is a problem with physically reaching the server directly, such as being hosted on a separate computer. The ability to detect cheating users is a major requirement for equality of usage however.
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    Ah lol, then the information on under 'operator’s addition' needs to be updated; suggests that a new operator's-'only' edition is in current planning. Cheers.