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    How to upgrade ApexDC++ without losing data

    Many of you might have received problems when upgrading ApexDC++, and this guide is written to eliminate those. These problems include wiping your download queue, settings, favourites, etc. In order to avoid this, please use the following steps.

    Vista/7 users: You should ensure you have given ApexDC++ administrator privileges.

    Using the setup file
    Download the latest setup file Close ApexDC++ Make sure you have the "Store settings in AppData" set to what you installed with. If you left it default, keep it the same. Run setup, and install ApexDC++ into the same Program Files directory (Usually Program Files/ApexDC++). The setup file will check whether you already have the client installed, and only install the necessary parts to upgrade Run ApexDC++ - you'll be running the latest version Using the binary
    Download the binary file Close ApexDC++ Extract ApexDC.exe and ApexDC.pdb to directory and overwrite when asked Start ApexDC++