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  1. i usually download everything to one download folder, then I sort things out there. I find that the windows explorer (or total commander) are more efficient for these things than the dc client. But you are correct, its not possible to multiselect things in the finished downloads tab.
  2. search for alts and segs does not work.

    I must admit I never heard the word sycophantic and I had to look it up to know what it means, but I guess that I must be one as I never noticed that neither auto search and segments didnt work. either that or my definition of working is different from yours
  3. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    there is an option to open more slots if speed is below a threshold on the sharing tab in settings. I have never tried it myself but I assume it works as I have never heard anyone say it doesnt
  4. merge://

    Well, in one sence you are correct, but its no problem really. At least not to create the share list and display it. THe only problem here is for the downloader to know witch file he should take. making a merged filelist is quite easy. The conflict that you talk about here isnt really a conflict at all as the two files have different THH and thus they can just be listed as any two files (just that in this case they happen to have the same name, and virtual position).
  5. file lists of users with colers

    it has nothing to do with search performance, it only colours the lines differently. Thats all
  6. file lists of users with colers

    I agree, this is a feature that I actually do not understand why not more clients have, as far as I know the only other client that has implemented this feature is (was?) AirDC.
  7. if you can figure out a way to implement this so that at the same time the client dont have to send filelist requests in all the hubs that we both are connected to it would be great or at least it will recognise that its the same user and just apply the first list to all sources?
  8. we cant cancel a download...

    on the other hand, if you look into the advanced section of the settings, there you will find on the limits page something that might be what you are after, here you can set different settings related to slow downloads,
  9. Command Aliases

    it can? how does it work?
  10. tth inconsistancy

    I have found on several occasions that people that have TTH issues with later versions of different clients will have them reduced by a great deal or even eliminate them completely by enabeling multi-source, I don't know why but it seems to work. If you could try that and let us know if it helps that would be great. (frankly I'm not sure why ppl still believe that tth inconsistency is because of what you share - when in fact its what you download that is causing this, rebuilding the share will not do much good then, will it? ) im out of beer (almost)
  11. wtf ?

    while i kind of agree on the wanting to use what version I want, the reason for the devs to take this kind of measure to enforce people to upgrade is because it is you own computer that is at risk. what do you guys say about the possibility for a hacker to download any file they choose from your computer? - would a fix to that be enough to make you upgrade? (not saying that something like that existed in apex of course ) But there were enough security issues that IMHO warranted this behaviour.
  12. tth inconsistancy

    as this has been discussed alot both here and on other forums, I only have one question here, and that is to the ones having this TTH issue. Do you have multi source disabled? (in settings / downloads / queue)
  13. AML Official Website

    just remember that we all are competing for the most lazy award we all just want to hit the 'fix-it' button and go btw, now I'm officialy on vacation, so now I'm even lazier than before, u have been warned :P
  14. AML Official Website

    guess thats me then However, another question Toast, how do you want us to use the launchpad? Add new clients in the bug tracker or how do you want it handled?
  15. StrongDC++ v2.2 Released

    the chance that anyone would admit being jealous of Toast I wouldnt worry about that Crise :thumbsup:
  16. Raw Commands

    something like this should probably do it, not tested so it might need another tweak to make it what you want $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> You are being TimeBanned for 2h because: TEST|<%[myNI]> !tban %[userNI] %[line:Time] TEST|$To: 'you opchat nick here' From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> %[userNI] are being TimeBanned for 2h because: TEST|
  17. how do i get rid of the bad code in xml ?

    why dont you get the new apex version?
  18. merge://

    yes, and its working very well, if you enable "old sharing interface" its a bit easier to see whats going on, (one slight bug still exists afaik, in the interface it shows the total share on each folder instead of the individual share, but thats just a minor bug) all you have to do is to give each of the shared folders the same virtual name, and your ready to go.
  19. How to merge two queue lists?

    there isnt actually much more to it than whats already written above, two things to note though first as you say the hashdata can not be copied, so when you load the list again in a client it will again download the tth's off a source to add it, and second, not all sources may stay in the file. You might have to find some of them again (or the client will find them for you), this is usually not a big problem, it has worked everytime I done it sofar. The thing to look out for is if you add duplicate entries to the queue.xml, I have no idea how different clients will handle it, so backup, backup (and save a copy too Maybe I have been lucky, but I have not had any problems merging queues (or moving queues between clients either for that matter) /d
  20. Hi guys, just thought I should mention this, im sure you already know it, but still. I am the annoying one Apex does not load the adlsearch.xml correctly from other clients or from toasts lists, it looses the IsRegExp setting, the IsForbidden setting and a few other things. It would be really cool if it would be more compatible now that it has all the other nice things in there :stuart: /d
  21. Tab Colors

    crise, i'll catch u in a hub and show you what i mean :)
  22. Tab Colors

    hey, now that would be a nice enhancement. I would love to get rid of the 'old' tabs and get something else. I have grown very fond of the way fulDC/AirDC/IceDC does tabs and would be really happy to see something like that but with more configuration possibilities and more 'bling bling' :stuart: oh, and if possible - can you make the client stop flashing like the sea in a storm when any of the hubs update topic, cos the way it is now, eww /d