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  1. Export/Import Settings

    you can already provide your own settings by placing in the archive the current XML files (in which you only leave the needed lines). i don't see why you would need another file, or compiling the exe with your own options :/
  2. Hash progress bar?

    it's not exactly a hotkey, but Alt followed by V followed by I does work :)
  3. in the meantime, on NMDC hubs, this won't be possible because a user has different CIDs on each hub he is connected to.
  4. when i'm not downloading from a confident source, i usually just preview the file and that's enough for me... it could be possible with some ADC extension, right? :)
  5. eMule uses id3lib: http://www.id3lib.org/
  6. Do not show filelist transfers

    isn't there a checkbox somewhere in the options to disable this? it's "Log filelist transfers" in DC++.
  7. TTH Search

    i'm not sure about it, but i seem to remember a Encoder::isBase32 function i saw in the ShareManager::translate of an older DC++, or a mod of it. it was used to check whether the file requested for download, passed as a string to this translate function was the path to a file, or a TTH. if this can be used, you won't need to add "TTH:" before the search string; a valid TTH could just be recognized by that function. edit: found it, in RevConnect: http://reverseconnect.cvs.sourceforge.net/...cpp?view=markup although it seems trivial, it might be enough for the request. i doubt anyone is going to type 39 alphanumeric chars anyway...
  8. just a few ideas

    i think you are confused, it's not really the same thing here... it's a component provided to allow easy integration of a web browser into an application. nothing to do with your viruses... it's not about being lazy, but for convenience: when i chat, and someone writes a link, i can click it, open up the web page in the same program. then, with the help of the "tab bolding on content change", i can browse the web page and come back to the chat when anything has been written. much more convenient than opening a whole browser.
  9. just a few ideas

    the ActiveX control IE provides is much easier to integrate than a Firefox one; by the way, the only 1 i know of from them is still in early stage. and, have a look at www.firefoxmyths.com there are some mods based on DC++ that integrate an IE browser, i know SababaDC and McDC++, but these shouldn't at all be used as a reference since their implementation is very crappy (i don't find the correct word, but they must have done it in a real hurry)... have a look at http://www.wischik.com/lu/Programmer/Webform for something much better discribed. i don't think such good references exist for Firefox. you can always go sign http://www.petitiononline.com/FfoxActX/petition.html though ;)
  10. just a few ideas

    until anyone manages to find 2 files with the same TTH root, i'll keep saying it's 0 :)
  11. Passive search in specific hub

    i'd just like to know why would you want to search in passive mode when you can already connect in active mode :/
  12. when looking at a tag, you need to have basic knowledge about what each letter mean. there's already V, M, H, S, O, B, why not also L?...
  13. Update Ip on reconect

    just enter your No-IP host instead of the IP in the connection settings of ApexDC++ (and untick "update the IP automatically"...)
  14. segments

    indeed, thanks :)
  15. segments

    ok, thanks i didn't know that. actually, i've seen some clients like Zion++ behave like this (a lot of $ADCGET sent) and i thought they took the code from an old RevConnect... i quickly tested the multisource with RevConnect and from what i've seen, it sends a big $ADCGET just like the vanilla DC++ would do; eg GET file XX 0 9999 for a file that would be of 9999 bytes. so i don't see how it could loose its slot, it should just download the file up to the end? and if 2 downloads are downloading the same chunks, it didn't (in my quick test) close/re-open any of these downloads; it just downloaded both chunks simultaneously so that it didn't loose any slot. (it's what he calls "overlapping" in the source) but please correct me, i guess you've understood this much better than me... :P
  16. Client Language

    this is one big problem: it would add a lot of files in the zip / installer and not everyone would need them. (and if you want to use one of them, you don't need all the others.) however, there's a solution: download the language file automatically... i read something about this in the DC++ forum, and i think they're working on it :)
  17. Client Language

    some programs automatically switch themselves into my OS language once they're installed and i *hate* it when this happens. however, an ability to choose the language in the installer would be cool (if there isn't such a thing already).
  18. segments

    this is the old way RevConnect used to download in multisource, and now the code has changed and it's much more efficient in this way: only one big $ADCGET is sent; not one for each chunk; and if 2 chunks have to overlap, let them overlap... since StrongDC++ 2 implements this new RevConnect code, and ApexDC++ too, i guess you will find less and less of these people who use clients based on the old RevConnect multisource code. anyway, if it's too much annoying to you, you can always block them by using CZDC (this could be added to ApexDC++ too )
  19. Client Language

    currently, it shows the standard socket error messages translated in the language of the OS... isn't it the same as what you're asking for?
  20. Client Language

    your problem is about socket error messages; these messages used to be handled by older DC++ versions, and they were translatable by the language file. but they preferred removing all this and translating the error automatically with the use of automatic Windows APIs. so, eventhough you do see these errors in English (your Windows must be in English), others see the errors in their own language (in the language of their Windows). From the DC++ changelog: -- 0.68 2006-01-08 -- * Now using standard windows error messages for socket errors
  21. Remove or Improve Tab Bolding

    by the way, i hardly see how the size could remain the same if the content of the tab has been "bolded" (is this a verb?...); a font in bold is always wider than the same font not in bold :/
  22. Ignore for all users (even OPs)

    i don't know if they plan to add scripts support, but if they do, that would be easily done by using a script; such specific things might not have to go in the core of the program :ermm:
  23. add a close TAB button

    there's also the hand-breaking Ctrl+F4 :)
  24. Few things

    it IS possible but there's no reason why it should be done. :P