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  1. Yes, if you want you can reset all your settings by deleting "DCPlusPlus.xml" inside settings dir (that doesn't include favs,queue). Your tmp dir will be the default one (ApexDC_Dir/Incomplete), so everything should work (if you haven't changed your tmp dir, then you still need to change it).

    If you transfer apex to the same dir as the old one (f.e C:\Program Files\) and if you haven't changed your tmp dir, just 'copy folder' method will work :)

  2. Bugs and crashes are caused by coding errors, your 'new' apex is the same as the old one (i admit that maybe it'll work better with your new settings though)

    Devs will now look through your crash report, they will try to find the root cause and fix it. If they succeed this will be fixed (if not already) in the next release. So please be patient :)

  3. Speaking of IPB bugs - i waited "-10" minutes after another 30 minutes when i tried to login with wrong pass.

    Oh and BTW I cant change my - gives me error.Now I'm forced to be 99 y.o :wacko: (I don't want any b.d.)

  4. I don't understand what happened with the 'hole', so - no.

    What makes you believe there wont be corruption when you download smthng with DC++ ? There's no escape from hardware failure...

    - Other P2P Client: Bittorrent, eMule and so forth.

    And you want devs to implement them in strong/apex ?

    Why do you even continue arguing ? BM clearly stated he wont add your 'technique'...

    - Already said that I or someone else will build said feature/solution.

    So hes said hes not going to build the simple 'informing the user about the problem' solution - I will or will have a friend do it it for me.

    Or maybe someone else will biggrin.gif

  5. Sorry, not all of us are free 24/7 or can help in all cases.

    So, about your problem - if you have included Zlobomir's ddraw.h there's no need to include dxsdk. (Or atleast I think so,I don't have it installed and I can compile).Trunk is the folder in which apex src is.(After extracting)

    And some minor stuff I dont think that will help but anyway - My WMPSDK10\include is above ddraw in includes.Also ddraw.h must be in the folder ddraw,not f.e DDRAW/ddraw/.

    Please,post your latest errors here,maybe i/or somebody else/ will think of something.

  6. It is possible and it will be more straight forward in my point of view - just select your FL.(the same as saying that the most straight forward way to enter several hubs is with several instances)

    Your method's downsides:

    1.Several clients take more HDD space.

    2.You have to use several apex instances,imagine if you want to follow 5 hubs and 5 PM chats each on different instance...

    3.More RAM and CPU.

    4.Different logs,statistics,settings.

    New method's downsides:

    - None (or at least I don't see any...)

    And if you still wanna use your way, then do it. Every user can chose for himself...

  7. It shouldn't blink fast, it must extract itself.So do all the steps again, do not rename anything, run install.bat and wait for it to finish.In the end, the whole STL folder must be 50MB+ at least.

  8. My point is that if you still want so much to upload that file to the user, then you can invite him to another hub or let him invite you in a hub where you can share that file (if he wants)... Or simpler - just add the file to that hub's share ( duh :) ). No one is obliged to upload anything to anybody... I cant keep my HDD full all the time so ppl can download their sh!t(sorry, but i must use it too...)

    If your file is not in your hub-specific-share then add it, if it's vs hub's rules(or your wishes), the user should have started downloading it in the first place.

    And one more thing - no one forces your to use different shares for each hub...

  9. About my ISP - I know it sucks, but I remember I could open sites like and hotmail and not able to see the forum ("the connection to the server was reset"...)

    Anyway, that doesn't matter - now I have no problems :( (with, not the ISP :))

  10. If you want to share it so much - add the file in that sharelist or invite the user to another hub where he can download it...

    It's your right to share whatever you want (except illegal files, it depends on the hub what these are) - if you don't want to share 'that much' then don't... (sorry if i didn't catch your point)