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  1. its in the client, but theres a bug for hub logs thats already fixed :huh: and u must enable open logs internally from advanced. afair it happens only when the selected hub is one in which you are OP and/or have some hub user commands. just wait the next version

  2. i don't know if Mikey is thinking about sg like in msn ... "check downloaded files with: xy antivirus" ... as yepp, this would be useful, but as you said ... everyone would still need a good antivirus for this :huh:

    no, thats already in the client, under misc.

  3. I personally dont like seeing ppl getting kicked for "unreal" nicks, like "...." or "asdaf".

    After all, its a support hub, some ppl sometimes like staying anonymous or are just too lazy to write their nicks (at that moment). Maybe they dont even have real nicks or their "ghthfl" nick actually means smtng, like ifmn. (dont ask me what it means :D)

  4. the what-i-had-thought-to-be-a-simple-copy-and-port-operation is actually much harder(well, at least for me), ill will work more later, now im reading books. (decided to post about the 'status', and posting a 2nd reply since i cant edit my posts...)

  5. I find this useful too. FYI you can use File / Match downloaded lists to search all downloaded filelists for all of the files in your download queue. (match them)

    Hmm, just testing it, crashed, lazy to post elsewhere:

    Code: c0000005 (Access violation)
    Version: 1.0.0B3 (2007-04-13)
    Major: 5
    Minor: 1
    Build: 2600
    SP: 2
    Type: 1
    Time: 2007-05-12 13:34:45
    ntdll!0x7C918FEA: RtlpWaitForCriticalSection
    ntdll!0x7C90104B: RtlEnterCriticalSection
    l:\lf share\unshared\apexdc\source\trunk\client\queuemanager.cpp(1462): QueueManager::saveQueue
    l:\lf share\unshared\apexdc\source\trunk\client\queuemanager.cpp(1726): QueueManager::on
    l:\lf share\unshared\apexdc\source\trunk\client\timermanager.cpp(40): TimerManager::run
    l:\lf share\unshared\apexdc\source\trunk\client\thread.h(141): Thread::starter
    f:\sp\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(348): _callthreadstartex
    f:\sp\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(326): _threadstartex

    Download queue: 157582, 267 GB. Filelists: 470, 200 MB.

  6. At the top of all threads, to the far right of the title there is something which says options. Click on it and it'll bring down a drop-down menu with topic related options, some individual... But there's also the different display modes to choose from. Select whichever one you like, personally I'm using standard.

    Hmm, sorry, I only searched My Controls :P Now everything is normal again.

  7. Its annoying when you have many hubs open, they fill up all your space, even with mini-tabs. You may not even use many of them, or want better and faster hub navigation when it comes to big number of hubs.

    I'm requesting for a grouping feature, something like MS's explorer one ("group similar taskbar buttons"), only user defined. You enter hubs in favorites in different groups, and when you open a hub thats a member of a group, a normal hub tab is opened, with the only difference that its named as the group and when you click on it, a pop-up menu opens with all the connected hubs that are member of that group, to open one of them, just click on it with lmb. It's not necessary every hub to be a member of some group. You can easily categorize hubs, save space and time this way. F.e I'd have Local hubs, TAN member hubs, BG hubs, and so on, important ones (most used) wont be grouped.

    I know this feature is not from the easy ones, but IMO it's a good one and will be useful (a lot). Please post your opinion.

  8. AFAIK This feature only checks the length of the search string, and it works to some degree. The problem comes when you enter some string over 39 characters and decide to decrease it (or increase some other string), so at one moment the search string is 39 characters, but only at this moment. There can be spaces, you can decrease/increase the string more, but TTH type is still there. And you have to manually switch back to 'Any' (or whatever)

    So I'm suggesting smarter TTH auto-trigger - triggers only if 39 chars, no spaces, and if different from 39, switch back. //I know this is not top priority, not even close to important, add it if you want...

  9. I've experienced the same bug many times, even now when I'm writing this. It happens for all hubs, even if the hub is connected, you'll get disconnected on reconnect attempt and thats all that's going to happen. Tested /reconnect, reconnect disconnected, the reconnect button, nothing of them works.