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  1. That's centralising the program, which is a big no no. Your first version sounds exactly like multisourcing..

    it's not multisrc.example 2 : my friend starts DLing a file.he has apex.i have apex i start DLing the same file automatically and at the same time - ULing the file to my friend ( well he is not my friend , he is 'clan' member ).Just to speed his wont even take HD space - just put the packets in RAM.

    what about the spaces problem?what about my other suggestions?

    what does "centralising" mean?as i said my EGL is not very good.what's wrong with it.

  2. I don´t think this has anything to do with DC programs. Volume by keyboard is controlled by the keyboard driver and does not have anything to do with other programs, not even media players.

    Man they work all the time.Just when i open apex and im currently 'in' it they dont work.

  3. Hi.

    On my keyboard and my mouse i have buttons like increase volume , decrease , etc.I've noticed that in rmDC and in apexdc they simply dont work.well they work in strong dc rc 10.maybe many users have such buttons and use's annoying.please fix it.10x in advance!

  4. Disconnecting slow users might be really bad.

    Imagine situation - you are downloading some rare file and only 2 users have it. One is a bit faster. So Apex disconnects and removes slower ones. But without him your download is also slowed down.

    And seems like there is a bug with this feature, so Apex (Strong) disconnects slow users even if this feature is disabled in options. Please, fix it.

    I dont think u got it.Look:

    I wanna download a 10 MB file.5 users have it.i'm near the end and some users are disconnected because there's no free block.So it will be good if apex remembers the last DL speed from all users.and when it's time to drop a user bcuz there's no free block , apex will check which user's speed is slowest and disconnects him.So when i am DLing that file and i'm DLing from user1 with 1 MB, u2 with 500BK , u3 with 250KB , u4 with 125KB and u5 with 64 KB apex wont drop the 1st user from who im DLing with 1 MG but it'll drop the slowest (u5).

    And that disconect slow DLs function , doesnt it disconnects all of the users who are ULding bellow that speed.or what if all of the users are UL with higher speeds like 5 MB or even 7MBs?apex could stil disconnect the 7mbs user!

    UL == upload

    DL == download

    u2 == user 2.

    Sorry for my bad english

  5. Hi, first i want to thank you for the great job with apexdc.

    I've notived that if I put a space after the address of a hub (many users do it , i dont know why) i can't connect to it.For an instance:

    [11:55:39] *** Connecting to ...

    [11:55:41] *** The requested address is not valid in its context.

    See the space after "" and "..." ?

    it'd be great if someone puts a space in the address field apexdc to ask him is he sure.

    And 1 question.i know that apexdc is build on strong dc, but just to be sure:When i used strong dc (i dont remember the version. maybe it was RC10 or something like that) i started downloading 1 file.only 1 user had it.then strongdc started downloading the same file from another strongdc user.but it looked like this : FILENAME.EXTENSION.ZELFYOL5ZH7ENKB5F7IBDKNLUHX4O7WENGEUUXA.dctmp (the file + THH).I downloaded the user's file list and after doing a long search (manually and with the 'search' option) i couldnt find it.He hadn't shared the dctemp directory.maybe it was some strong dc function.or he had shared the file but i couldnt find this available in apexdc too?

    And 1 suggestion:that page where you write 'help us fill it' well you can add a migrate function.the user must select one other dc client's folder and to select what he want's to be imported from it : it's favorites , queue , share list .... afcourse you can do it just by copying tha "Favorites.xml" file , etc.but it'd be nicer.I have like 20 clients (well i only use 6) and when i first installed them i had to do all the settings , favorites manually (back then i didnt know that copy thing).

    Add a 'save queue' button.Or maybe the queue to be saved automatically when a new file is added?

    And finally 1 more : add a function , which will index all of the files on a PC when its idle or with a button for the user to do it.i know that files do constantly change, but i'm tired adding like 100GB of files and to wait for 1-2 hours, before other users can download them(yes , i know that it would take 1-2 hours again but when i add a file that already had been indexed i wont wait a sec.) (and maybe the user to be able to select which folders will be indexed , so WINDOWS wont be indexed all the time)

    Sorry for my bad english.

    If u need beta testers i'm able to help before 10.09 cuz i have to go to school then :):(:).

    EDIT : And one more function.Call it DLC (DownLoaders Clan) So its little complicated.

    version 1 : i have enabled that function in options.other apex dc users have enabled it too (in my hub ).So i start Dling a file from 1 normal dc user.he has 5 slots open.but im Dling only with 1 MB (for me it's slow)

    so other BDLC members in tht hub start DLing the same file from the same user. (or maybe from all the users) and they start direcly uploading it to me.So if the user is ULing with 1 mb per user, 4 other BDLC users will start DLing and my overall rate will be 5;s little complicated.if u cant understand it please ask me and i'll explain more.

    version 2 : Call it BDLC ( Big DLC ) now this is the tricky has all of v1 options.lets say that im connected to 1 hub.i start DLing one file.I ( apex ) will send a request to a apex server.the server wil send a request to all of the apex dc users who have 10kb+ connection to me ( i guess that the server will gimme their IPs , and apex will ping em ).they will search for that THH in their hubs .so apex automaticaly joins all of the hubs (well max. 10 or 50 ) who have that THH and i start Dling from there.Afcouse it must only be enabled for 600+MB file i dont want it to do all that for a readme :). Well i know that u wont do it.but anyway.if apex has that function it will be absolute best dc client ( well not that it's not now :) )

    Please if u enable these 'clans' include me in some 'thanks to' section or even in 'about' :):):)