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  1. There's one solution for almost everything - Google :stuart: Here are DC++'s forums -
  2. Raw Commands

    In settings/Advanced/User commands and the raw commands are saved in favorites.xml at the end.I can send you mine so you can learn if you want I dont have time now to explain everything, have to go to school :)
  3. Custom away for favorite users

    A long time ago i asked for a feature to set away msg with right click on the away button.Why dont you add 2 options on RC - Set global away msg and Set away msg for his hub ?
  4. Number 1 can be useful but num. 2 is too much work for not so important thing and not sure if it's possible at all.
  5. Once I had such problem and stealthy helped :)
  6. Hash progress bar?

    It can be useful for the lazy users like me, but there's already a way to view is the hashing process finished - View/Indexing Process :)
  7. Raw Commands

    In 0.5.0 There will be :)
  8. Download Status Message

    I think you have too much installed protocols or a network adapters on your system or your making too many connections.Try removing some unused protocols or a network adapters or maybe this will help : Here are some google links (sorry for the haxor layout) PS:I am not responsible for any damage caused to your PC following my advice.
  9. Compiling ApexDC++

    read this for more info
  10. Sometimes OPs dont care... (I even have been threatened to be banned from an OP if i dont give slot or leave a hub :whistling: ) Although blocking is bad some motherf***ers really deserve it :stuart: (I only have blocked only such 3 persons)
  11. how nerdy are you?

    at the nerd test - 50% nerdy; at the PC geek test:
  12. Sharing GUI

    What do you mean by "the old school"? If there's a method to do what I posted please give more info :)
  13. Some features I would like in Apex

    This already exists - right click at a file and "Search for alternates".Folders dont have TTH so you cant search for alternates. Also there's no need for "Search for TTH" - apex automatically switches to TTH search if there are exactly 39 characters entered in search :)
  14. Sharing GUI

    Wont it be better if apex adds the files/folders from the second folder to the first folder instead of showing error ? For example if you want to share you movies (and your movies are on 2 drives because of their big size) you must share them as "Movies1" and "Movies2".But I want to have only one folder named "Movies".So if you rename them both to "Movies" they should appear as one folder. Also it'd be useful if apex can use "\" in the share name the "right way" - f.e if you name a folder you share to "Movies\Comedy" to put the folder "Comedy" in "Movies" instead of appearing as "Movies?Comedy" :)
  15. This has already been discussed -
  16. LAN-only mode

    You can use the PeerGuardian Plugin to block every IP that is not in your LAN but OPs can still download - i think that if you change one thing in the source OPs wont be privileged anymore :crying:
  17. no delay when reconnecting to user

    ppl dont like 'hammering'...
  18. I also like this feature but i guess it wont be easy to implement.BTW here's a temporary solution - rename hubs like [LAN]HubName , [Movies]HubName , etc and them sort them by name You can still connect easy to several hubs in the same category easily :)
  19. [Support] Can't compile read them,maybe theyll help. Maybe you forgot to move the folders in include to the top or maybe you have add something useless.(f.e if you have added ddraw from somewhere else and them added it from sdk) Thats as far as i can help you :)
  20. [Support] Can't compile

    I dont know , im with WMPlayer10SDK.exe.BTW you have PM :)
  21. [Support] Can't compile

    Follow my guide and do this - You must install WMP SDK (10 will work),and include the folder where wmp.h is in "include".You also need DX SDK to get ddraw.h.Include the folder where it's found in "Include" and you are done edit:I wanted to edit my compile guide but i cant edit any of my older posts :)
  22. Sorry, I must have somehow skipped that post.
  23. Feedback

    Not sure is here the right place to ask but can you edit your posts after several days from the moment you posted them? Since I've become a beta tester i cant edit any of my older posts for some reason.
  24. I wanna ask,isn't the pause due to the time the client needs for connecting to the other client?