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  1. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    I like some features, but it's up to the devs to decide whether it should be added or not...
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    You can compile 'old' apex versions with the 'newest' stl and wtl. Here are your stl and wtl: (I think these are the right one) STLPort.rar wtl8_mod.rar IMO there's no need to unnecessary increase the src file size.
  3. Bug 1.0B2

    /me was talking 'bout the Q bug...
  4. Bug 1.0B2

    A known and already fixed (queue opening and browsing) bug in the newest (private) beta.
  5. "disable sounds" option

    Please excuse me, I'm not sure I understood you correctly. Is this what you are asking for - a button that disables apex sounds (f.e new PM and stuff). It already exists. Or you just want to stop apex from using winamp's info. (f.ex. song, etc) ? If your problem comes from 'spamming' with winamp's songs, then simply don't use '/w' or modify the source (remove this feature) and compile it. And the winamp feature is widely used IMO, if someone doesn't want it - then he shouldn't use it. Again, sorry if I misunderstood you.
  6. Why is apex reconnecting so fast ? Have I configured something wrong ? Note: This doesn't happen with other drops (f.e redirect to already conn. hub, conn. reset and so on)
  7. max open hubs

    Thats for the devs to decide. A simple code change can do this btw (number of hubs faking) Edit: what the newest version of apex has to do with hub restrictions ?
  8. Connection error strings

    I though not all of the msgs are windows' ones, I was wrong (dunno why I remember some logs of connection timed out in BG...)
  9. max open hubs

    Not showering your real number of hubs is faketagging, apex will be banned from many hubs for that.
  10. Connection error strings

    In lang. file
  11. Compiling ApexDC++

    They don't have the necessary stuff. (Why ? Because M$ wants $ ...)
  12. Connection error strings

    AFAIK these are translatable: <String Name="ConnectionClosed">Връзката спряна</String> <String Name="ConnectionRefused">Връзката отказана от сървъра</String> <String Name="ConnectionReset">Връзката отхвърлена от сървъра</String> <String Name="ConnectionTimeout">Времето за свързване изтече</String>
  13. user nickname already taken, cant login?

    Maybe you use a nickname from favorites, try changing it there. Also sometimes hubs don't know that you've been disconnected so 'you' stay in the hub for 5-10 mins till they find out.
  14. Slow download after 98%

    No. It's superseeding feature...
  15. Wiki

    Sorry for the offtopic, but doesn't this topic get 'new' every time someone votes ? I marked all forums as read (10 minutes ago) and now - 1 new vote for wiki and it appears in new posts...
  16. Slow download after 98%

    Close the connection to the slow user, apex will try and connect to a new one, maybe you'll download faster from him, if not - try another user...
  17. How to turn off country flags in user list?

    AFAIK it's turned off by default, disable get user country in appearance.
  18. Apexdc use less memory and cpu!

    More features = more resources . 15 MBs is nothing today.
  19. LAN-only mode

    Also you can use PG for this. BTW I remember I requested 2 of these feature requests too, good to see someone working on them :D
  20. Protected users

    About wildcards - they substitute any number of (any) symbols. F.e try [VIP]*;[REG]*; and so on for any nick that starts with [VIP] or try *[VIP]* for any nick that contains [VIP]. AFAIK letter case doesn't matter, I'm not sure.
  21. ApexDC++ Settings Backup Script

    Cool little script Congrats.
  22. upadate is not a new program

    You have to install apex to the same directory as the old one.
  23. Please post your exception report.
  24. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Congrats. BTW - "913 user(s) active in the past 60 minutes".
  25. NP If you really want apex to be 'installed' then install apex and overwrite the folder with your old apex :)