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  1. Always on top

    lol @ staff View > always on top it is a feature. //500th post
  2. different tth hashes - limited number; different files - unlimited number. Pigeonhole principle it is possible imo. also, the fact there are no recorded collisions doesnt mean there cant be any.
  3. BM, you are wrong. this can be proven mathematically/logically, but ill just post a quote: also, check this:
  4. Happens to me too, running vista ultimate. //same for finished uploads.
  5. Your browser of choice

    lol, vista rocks, ie 7 rocks, everytime i enter url like "youtube" it starts asking me what isp(dialup username and passwd) to connect to and ****... and it turns offline browsing on too auto. the stuff i always dreamed for not talking about asking you did you just opened some window. great security :] lol2, what 3d desktop? thats what i call 3d desktop for much less resources: 1, 2 btw greg i thought you were a linux guy... btw2 try autopatcher, no need for online update if it wasnt for xp's bsod id still be with my old windoz.
  6. Fastest Download Speed?

    thats bs, he has 100 Megabit connection and that equals 12 megabytes/s. if you look at some benchmarking results you will see at what speeds modern hdds are capable to write.
  7. Fastest Download Speed?

    my record is 12MB/s (LAN) and 2MB/s - international. BTW i think that if you start downloading from yourself you could get even greater speeds than 12MB/s :P
  8. My Top 20 used Programs

    //note, offtopic, just for teasing you: while you are looking for a good free burner, my linux distro comes with such (k3b). so does with browser(s), great text editors, office, photoshop alternative, email client, etc, etc, and it's all for free //second note: lets don't go offtopic again and turn this into a linux vs windows thread
  9. Userbars

    ive made user and tester, here's the developer: no .psds though. edit: yeah, i know it's ugly...
  10. download later

    use paused priority and change it when you free some space ;)
  11. Your browser of choice

    :angry: real d00dz dont need gui: lets play a game: guess the browser ;)
  12. PM Request....

    -1, don't add spamming/flooding features in apex. why beg for slot? slots are there for a reason. what if everybody starts asking for a slot? thats my opinion, but i rarely give a slot to someone, unless he has shared a lot, asked politely or really deserves it and/or is in a rush. i have even increased my small upload slots size. the more ppl downloading from me i got, the less speed every one of them gets, and who wants to download over 700MB data at 10- KB/s? i got ppl saying "gimme a slot now!!!!" or start threatening me, and guess what - i just ignore them. in some cases ill give them a firewall block (rarely) (i get to choose who downloads from me...) if i were a hub owner i'd warn/kick/ban every constant slot begger. would you like being spammed with slot requests every minute? i don't think so you can change your away msg, maybe even your description, add some notify folder to your share. not to mention other things (don't ask)... imo there are many better feature requests to add to apex atm. just my 2 cents, pls don't start arguing with me - i wont change my mind and i think its clear that this wont be added. ;)
  13. Connect to Hub in Queue

    imo it is possible, just like in favs("URL="""), but remember the larger the queue - the higher the ram usage. also wouldn't this break compatibility with other clients? i'm against this feature unless it's an option :)
  14. При емулация connection type-a се сменя автоматично. (ако това имаш в предвид)
  15. Compiling ApexDC++

    (taken from winutil.cpp)
  16. Screenshot Story of ApexDC++

    sry, but the shotz are resized to a smaller resolution and the quality is low. anyway, nice idea :)
  17. Share request

    some (stupid) hubs kick for this (dont ask me why im in), no matter if I limit over 2MB(uploading slows down my pc during gaming f.i). also didn't it break emulation? and why installing limiters if apex can do that for you. the limiter was more like an example, why should ppl know in how many hubs i am (op, active or passive)? it's my bandwidth and my slots. why giving up im using socks? and yes, there are malicious users, the socks tag (and the limit "L:..") are not rly a problem, just comment out some lines same with search spy and other stuff... true, open source is great, but should everybody mod apex every time new version is out or use its mods? then please don't use leechers as the only reason i think we are getting offtopic now, the feature request wont be added, no need arguing more if you want to, there are several topics with the same request, merge them for clarity, more ideas and arguments (and lock them).
  18. Share request

    me doesn't like all that "anti-leecher" stuff - you can't use limiter without showing it in your tag, same with sockz, can't add useful features "'cuz of leechers". Do internet browsers 'tell' you are using proxy? no, you can even spoof ur user agent (with some tweaking). not that i can't change my tag imo a good client should give the user complete freedom and complete customization. it's user's choice how much he shares and what he shares. what about forcing ppl to share all their drives? . there are many ways to leech, u cant stop 'em all. and actually, with this feature i will share more. anyway, this has been discussed many times and it's devs' decision what to add or don't. just my 2 cents :)
  19. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 3

    click it, dont copy it. you can also try different browser.
  20. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 3

    you are getting the 0 byte file.. <<removed>> //i guess downloads are still counted or not?
  21. And there is always a better way to spend ur money...
  22. Completing downloads quickly

    my solution is to disconnect manually the slow src, apex auto. connects to another :)
  23. Compiling ApexDC++

    @zlobomir i aint sure too anyway. but lee has vista for sure //from dont see any reason why it shouldn't compile under vista. (as always, me aint sure for anything, nor responsible for anything, especially wasting ur money )
  24. Compiling ApexDC++

    afaik crise was running vista, why don't you try to compile it?
  25. Very Hot

    hot weather = hot chicks half-naked :)