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  1. Mouse / Keyboard Buttons

    Ok.So it's not an apex bug.i'll reinstall my drivers and see what happens.
  2. Mouse / Keyboard Buttons

    Hi. On my keyboard and my mouse i have buttons like increase volume , decrease , etc.I've noticed that in rmDC and in apexdc they simply dont work.well they work in strong dc rc 10.maybe many users have such buttons and use's annoying.please fix it.10x in advance!
  3. A Video showing a bug...

    well when i click somewhere in apex my main chat goes all the way to the top.afcourse when i get a new message it goes down ( i have autoscroll enabled ).It's possible to be from my stupid windows.i dont know .see for yourself : megaupload
  4. Spaces after hub's address

    again english problems...couldnt find any info on superseeding in the forum.can u exlain it here ot gimme a link. anyway what about my other suggestions / questions
  5. Mouse / Keyboard Buttons

    well it might be my old buggy windows.anyway 10x for your reply
  6. Spaces after hub's address

    it's not multisrc.example 2 : my friend starts DLing a file.he has apex.i have apex i start DLing the same file automatically and at the same time - ULing the file to my friend ( well he is not my friend , he is 'clan' member ).Just to speed his wont even take HD space - just put the packets in RAM. what about the spaces problem?what about my other suggestions? what does "centralising" mean?as i said my EGL is not very good.what's wrong with it.
  7. How evil are you?

    You Are 80% Evil This is total BS.
  8. Mouse / Keyboard Buttons

    Man they work all the time.Just when i open apex and im currently 'in' it they dont work.
  9. I dont think u got it.Look: I wanna download a 10 MB file.5 users have it.i'm near the end and some users are disconnected because there's no free block.So it will be good if apex remembers the last DL speed from all users.and when it's time to drop a user bcuz there's no free block , apex will check which user's speed is slowest and disconnects him.So when i am DLing that file and i'm DLing from user1 with 1 MB, u2 with 500BK , u3 with 250KB , u4 with 125KB and u5 with 64 KB apex wont drop the 1st user from who im DLing with 1 MG but it'll drop the slowest (u5). And that disconect slow DLs function , doesnt it disconnects all of the users who are ULding bellow that speed.or what if all of the users are UL with higher speeds like 5 MB or even 7MBs?apex could stil disconnect the 7mbs user! UL == upload DL == download u2 == user 2. Sorry for my bad english