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  1. Link: 2 Toolbars For ApexDC

    The mac toolbar looks cool.Поздравления!
  2. [support] Connection error

    Im glad I helped.
  3. not getting File List from FTP servers

    Try downloading them with some other client.Can anyone download those FTP's filelists ?Maybe the FL are in the old unsupported format.
  4. [support] Connection error

    Taken from:
  5. Apex User Bar

    I made another UB.Here it is: To use it in forums just paste this: [URL=][img=][/URL] If the above doesnt work try with this : [url=][img=][/url] For web sites: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="ApexDC++ - The Best Direct Connect Client!" /></a>
  6. [Bug] #Number of users missmatch

    I remember that when i owned a YnHub I could hide myself.I guess that someone is using that ability. ( And the hub 'forgot' to decrease the number of users in the userlist. )
  7. [support][0.2.2]doesn't finish connecting

    Looks like the hub cant send you the data.Do you have a real IP?And check your firewall(if you have one).Can anyone on your ISP connect to a hub ?
  8. add a close TAB button

    You can use the middle button (press the wheel) to close a tab.Also there is a close button below the close button for apex.
  9. Remove or Improve Tab Bolding

    If you want to remove the bolding effect : "Settings" / "appearance" / "tab bolding on content change" and deselect what ever you want. And if you dont want more than 3 rows : "Settings" / "Advanced" / "experts only" / "max tab rows" .
  10. Odc Problem

    Then you'll wait. You want us to make hash speed 0 seconds ?its impossible.Please read some docs about the hashing process - why do we need it and why it takes so long. And it wont force 'em to upgrade - it will do exactly the opposite - "well, people still can download from me - why do i need to upgrade ???".
  11. Code: c0000005 Version: 0.2.2 Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2006-10-29 15:52:15 TTH: OMHC4NRJLW265TOPH2JTNVVMXH2KAFDJSNQPYAA d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\memcpy_amd.cpp(495): memcpy2 d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merkletree.h(181): MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x04A3F6E8,1024>::getHash d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merkletree.h(131): MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x029888A8,1024>::finalize d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merklecheckoutputstream.h(67): MerkleCheckOutputStream<MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x00CB2598,1024>=0x019A0B98,1>::flush d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\filteredfile.h(96): FilteredOutputStream<UnZFilter=0x004A6C70,1>::flush d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merklecheckoutputstream.h(77): MerkleCheckOutputStream<MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x082444F6,1024>=0x56097401,0>::write 0xFFFFF5B8: ? shi*t!Apex was running fine ( 0 crashes for 2 months ) and then when i was Dl-ing and uploading and apex was minimized it crashed.The speed limit was on, i was suppressing MC,Winamp was on pause and skype was on. EDIT:I had ~5000 files in queue and i tryed to remove them (after apex had crashed already...)it crashed again.i restarted it for a 3rd time , removed everytimg from queue and it was fine.
  12. Odc Problem

    Dude why dont you use oDC to download from those users and apex for everything else.And there's no good reason to make a patch.If you dont like the fact that new dc clients dont support old stuff - go to dc++ forum and talk with the dudes there.
  13. [Crash]

    Can You also tell us what You were doing when the crash occured.
  14. Op-client ApexDC++

    I made a guide how to block and unblock IPs with PGP.Check the linkz 4 more info:
  15. Few things

    And thatz the reason not to put it - to force ppl upgrade.(but sometimes it can come in handy...)
  16. Cache for hublist

    I like that feature.And if you could select the servers to be cached.It should be disableable too.
  17. PNG Icon for ApexDC?
  18. ApexDC++ Logo

    I cant understand whats your problem with the size - in photoshop i used em in 4096x3072 image.(I mean that u can easily increase their size) ps: Im sure that at least 1 of em is 1024x768 or more...
  19. ApexDC++ Logo

    The link aint dead - u just cant access it.And please be more careful -
  20. [Support] Finished Uploads

    If s1 DLs only one part/block of that file they wont appear in the finished UL list.And some clients dl part by part even if u are the only user to DL from.But apex still counts the upload/download ratio.
  21. [Support][v.0.2.2] Strange emails?

    If You dont believe us that there are no viruses / badware in ApexDC++ You can see the source and compile it by youself.
  22. Password in favorites

    Ok, i got the point - you see no reason to do that.I was trying to speak from the name of all apex users.I can encrypt my folder,put a pass on my account and lock my room, but what about all other users who cant do that?Just wanted to improve apex.
  23. In favorites you can write your pass so you dont have to write it every time you connect to a hub (where you have registered that nick).But if someone has your Favorites.xml he can decrypt or atleast see how many characters are there in your pass - that's not good.(atleast for me).How about encrypting that pass and hiding it ? So if u wanna change you pass you must enter the new one directly , not deleting the old one and then writing the new one.
  24. Password in favorites

    You can always decrypt em or write em on a list.Ok if You dont like extra security for some reason. @balder: If You were Bill Gates then passwords for acounts wouldnt be invented, cuz OS will relly on hardware security - just lock your room , lock your apartment and You are secured.(Just a joke,dont take this personally)