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  1. where are downloading from?...., you should grab the setup file.

    If you want to save all your settings, here is the safest way, make a copy of your current apex folder and save it someplace out of the way. After you download the new apex install it in the same folder as your current apex and it will save all your settings.

    If for any reason things go to hell with the install you have the copy that you saved, just delete the one that bad and put the one you saved back where you had your old one.

    I should have been more clear about downloading... I downloaded the program fine and have been using it for over a year. The problem I am having after the most recent upgrade is that the files I try to download using ApexDC keep "starting" but never really start and download.

  2. I upgraded to the newest version and every file starts to download and then immediately start again... after hours the files keep starting and never really begin downloading... any ideas what I should do?

    and is there any way to export my favorites so that if I do need to reinstall I don't have to reenter them all one by one?